The wall insulation has several advantages. First, it is very economical because it can reduce the cost of electricity. This comes from the fact that the insulated walls more resistant to thermal variations. It is also the best solution to fight against moisture. Please be aware that it is possible to isolate oneself walls without calling a professional, and it comes even cheaper. In winter our electricity costs can increase by 40% if our walls are not insulated and therefore lack of sealing, which is why many households now prefer to invest in insulation of interior walls and / or exterior . For this, they use either plaster or plaster, or plates according to their preferences.

How to insulate interior walls?

The inner insulation will surely be very useful if you want to reduce your energy consumption. You make the laying of insulation panels. But above all, we must think of the coating to be used. Opt for lime putty, which is more practical, rather than plaster. A vapor barrier will also be necessary to prevent the walls filter moist air from outside. You must also choose panels that are best suited to your walls. DIY stores offer a wide range of insulation made with different materials. The fiberglass panels, for example, already have a vapor barrier but must be masked by a partition after installation. As for composite panels made of polystyrene and glass wool, they are ideal for rough walls because they marry imperfections better. Regarding the polystyrene panels, they will be used for polished and smooth. Use glue to put the panels and then apply a layer of coating on the joints once they are installed and another layer after 24 hours.


How to insulate exterior walls?

The outer insulation is more expensive than internal insulation but it has the advantage of not reducing the living space. It will protect against declines in temperature and thermal bridges. You have the choice between dubbing walls, cladding, cladding or other processes. In addition to insulate your exterior walls, siding will give you a youthful look to your home. To do this, place panels of glass wool or polystyrene. Use a wood frame and a glass slide as a ventilated support. Another method is to press the insulation on the wall there and then apply a coat of plaster. After a lattice glass will be installed and a new layer of coating applied. Finally, a coating will be placed to the finish. On the clothing, it is a mechanical process that allows you to place the panels by interlocking. This method has the advantage of being easy to implement. You will, moreover, give a beautiful look to your home.