The interior curtains are available in different models and types. In fact you can find with sticks of all conceivable materials namely plastic, ceramic, wood, iron and many others and especially with a type of tissue that are also the flagship of textile Italian. Among the various types of blinds from the interior, the market offers classic models, fashion, ultra-modern or ancient latter especially suitable for children’s rooms with figures of characters from the cartoon old new. Let us see in detail, a guide to the various types of interior curtains that can be installed in these environments.

The kitchen is where you apply the most modern type of tents for indoor, in fact, here you can find models of curtain rods and very light fabrics, suitable for environments with high attendance daily and designed to protect them from the direct rays of the sun, but also to allow the passage of light.


In the kitchen environment, the curtains are typically multicolored, with a thin film that acts as opal and a second curtain of tissue often, but not excessive and that involves the use of solid colors. Even a living room can be set up with colorful curtains and ultra-modern, especially if the furniture is set in this style. The favorites are those light pastel shades, and sticks for tents are usually dark hardwood but also those of wrought iron, creating a nice contrast. For the bedroom, the curtains, while available in different colors and patterns, continue to be of the classical type . Here then is the inevitable first veil of silk or linen, white and cover that acts as a darkening that retains its sheen, golden colors or heavenly style furniture Anglo – French or drapes with multicolored typical of the best fabric for the curtains Italian tradition.

One above all, that of San Lucio in the province of Caserta, which is still as usual, produces fabrics of all types including those for its curtains for interiors, which also have a cost in proportion to their historical and cultural value Finally we talk about the type of curtains bathroom, you can choose between the classic and modern, although to lord are those of canvas, blinds, multi-colored or single color, light and blackout.