With Asian furniture uninhabited accessories you can add a new, exotic flair to your own home.

Asian furniture and accessories are in demand as never before. They conjure up an exotic flair and are very diverse. They range from minimalist, elegant designs in Japanese style, to the lush, often decorated with gold decorative items from China or India. Incidentally fit such exotic furniture is very well to European living styles. So you need not equal change your entire interior, with a few accessories and small furniture can be inspired accents.

Typical colors for the Asian interior

As diverse as the countries of Asia, including the preferences for certain colors are different depending on region. While in India loves bright colors and certain colors have religious meanings, traditional Japanese prefer subtle, muted shades like white, gray and black. Red and yellow playing in the traditional Chinese theory of design a very special role, especially in the decoration of temples. The typical Asian interior design that we like in Germany is very natural in general. Here especially bamboo and wood are used and combined with soft green and beige. Such color combinations are harmonious and relaxing.


Inside Asia – the materials

An Asian interior lives of natural materials like wood or bamboo. Asian furniture is preferably made ​​of tropical hardwoods. Modern Asian style furniture often consist of rapidly renewable, Asian woods like sheesham or rosewood. Particularly interesting is the material bamboo. Bamboo is not only incredibly strong and versatile, it is growing at a tremendous rate and is therefore particularly sustainable. So if on the ecological compatibility and environmental protection emphasizes, is well advised with bamboo furniture. Combine with typical Asian Asian furniture home accessories such as figurines or wood-carved sculptures. Also, natural decorative objects such as stones and plants may not be absent from the Asian interior.

Inside Asia: the most important elements of this style

An Asian decor can be sophisticated and high quality. Real furniture from Asia are precious jewels. You can for example be obtained in stores across the page. Slightly cheaper are Asian-style furniture, which is available in all good furniture stores. If you like, but can also easily change already existing furniture with Asian home accessories. An important element is the screen made ​​of carved wood or even as a room divider Japanese-style shoji paper with. Real or artificial stones and orchid plants to give the room an exotic flair. Buy textiles such as curtains or pillows that are embroidered with Chinese characters. A classic tatami mat for flooring instead of carpet looks very natural.