The gray walls do not have to mean bland living room. Anima is super neutral tone colors to accent any room around the edges, tickets, furniture, floor and decorative objects. From bold and bright to dark and even neutral, the choices are many when it comes to adding color to a gray room. Interior painting contractors Glendale AZ. A well-chosen selection of contrasting trim and accent colors can draw attention to architectural details.

Interior Paint Colors


Bold and bright

Let your gray walls are the background of a more color powerful . Add a splash of color with bold and bright red, yellow, blue, purple, green or orange tones. Create a dramatic contrast between colors dim gray accents and vivid painting the edge decorated with a passionate purple or red strident. Instead of exaggerating a bright color, use it easily and conveniently through your living room gray. For example, put on crimson cushions your couch or hang curtains orange taffeta.




Create a contemporary look in your living room with gray walls offsetting colors dark. Make your space is modern with a black border elegant and bright that frames a light gray. If you are looking for a very dark tone but are not ready to decorate with dark black, try navy. Another option is to accentuate your neutral walls with a maroon color. In contrast to a bright red, garnet hue adds a sense of maturity or traditionalism to the decor.




If the color is neutral gray combine with other colors dim creates a calming effect in the decoration. Instead of working with traditional beige or brown tones, opt for gray accentuate soft lavender, sage green or even pink. These discrete tones enhance the gray tones, but also add a touch of color. Use a neutral or mix and match a variety of colors in pillows, cushions or furniture for an eclectic decor.



Decorating a living room gray with white accents give the space a fresh and bright appearance. Create a clean, fresh style in your room with bright white on the edges and doors. Add a white carpet, curtains or furniture to complete the decor. While gray may seem boring to the senses, pure white balance the color and change the atmosphere of the entire room. Take your white decor one step further and includes a variety of extra touches like white flowers near the old gray wall or picture frames white color.