When we need an ironing board with good quality , not just enter the first shop we find to get one, maybe cheap. An ironing board with poor quality indeed not only not respond to our needs, but it makes the ironing a job more frustrating than it already is. Locate then the right one can be a good choice both from the practical point of view that qualitative therefore durable. We then see a guide to choosing the ironing board.

There are different models of ironing boards to choose from such as those that provide ample space for ironing, allow you to adjust the height and are also foldable and then saving . There are even ironing boards that do not have a tripod, as are used by placing them on a table and have been specially designed for those who have real space problems dictated by a home environment rather small. The advantage of this type of axis is, however, what may be traveling, so useful when for example you decide to stay in a holiday home by the sea or in the mountains. This however can be a digression on the subject and an extreme solution for which, we consider again the classic types, continuing to describe what are the best models to choose from.


An ironing board professional, the type used by tailors or laundries, is quite large and measures approximately 120×30 cm , while the models for the home are the same length, but closer to 5/10 centimeters. The height of a board typically ranges between 75 and 85 centimeters, practically must match the height of the basin. This is important to stretch comfortably and upright, to avoid excessive bending of the arms and trunk. If more than one person will use the ironing board, which we intend to purchase, then agrees precisely with reference to the above mentioned, choose the one adjustable depending on the height of the user.

From check well before the purchase is the quality of the material that needs to be sturdy but light, because the models are fragile and rickety subject to tip over at the slightest movement, even at the risk of sunburn putting our body. These models are ideal for board must also be equipped with a grid side where you can put the hot iron or less to the digestive steam. Even the padding is important when choosing an ironing board, because some come with standard padding (less than one centimeter ) and a flame-retardant seat cover (glossy satin type). The latter is replaceable at any time, while the padding best is one that has a thickness of at least half a centimeter in most, as it ensures a more compact surface, linear and hard.

The ironing boards are also available in different colors and patterns of fabric covering the latter must also be analyzed in depth since they are cotton and metal, may become sticky with the heat of the iron to iron the fabric, ruining it completely covering tissue models currently available on the market have a structure based on silicone designed precisely to obviate this inconvenience Finally we give a hint to the easel that can be made ​​of metal, wood or plastic The best choice is without a doubt the last since they are light, resistant to rust and moisture, which instead could happen respectively with the first two, losing stability and durability.