In France, contrary to what one might think, most burglaries happen in the middle of the afternoon, between 14h and 16h. What radically away from the image of hooded burglar and fully dressed in black sneaking home the night gently chiseling glass. Most flights take place in the afternoon and 39% of burglars simply go through the front door.

20% of burglaries occur at night while you are asleep

Night flights represent a small share of the total number of burglaries in the department. About a quarter of malicious acts take place at night while the owners sleep. The protection of a house with an alarm is an important day and night, whether you’re there or not in the house. Knowing that a siren sound scares 95% of criminals, it is clear that it is necessary to initiate this system also alarm the night when you sleep.


Principle alarms without son

With their user guide, they are easy to install yourself and it usually takes one hour for installation. Appears when your alarm is in place, pull out peacefully because the slightest movement or tampering suspect in your home, a siren goes off, and you are notified directly to your cell phone and a number of your loved ones by the same means. To turn your alarm, just use your remote control that allows you to manage the entire system.

Different alarm options

By price, several options may be available or not, but also more or less restricted. Way, you can also detections of attempted burglary, be notified of a fire but also water damage. The plants can be LCD or LED display. Some systems even have PANIC buttons if you feel unwell, send a signal to your loved ones. Some systems are considered inviolable and when trying interference or interruption of your telephone line siren routs burglary.