When they get nice and hot days, it’s time to clean your outdoor furniture. Whether made of PVC, exotic wood, bamboo. Check all our tricks to retain their good looks for as long as possible.

Back to shine the exotic wood furniture

Exotic species are very resistant to weathering, however you need to take care to ensure a good natural look. If the wood becomes rough after the first rains. Sand the surface with sandpaper of very fine grain. Then apply a protective oil to brush. Let it dry, perform the operation again and polish the surface. This operation also has to be made at least twice a year before exposing outdoor furniture, even if today is treated to resist UV and moisture. Good to know: if the teak is not treated, will change color slowly and make a silvery gray patina often much appreciated. Small cracks may also occur but is totally normal and these changes do not affect the strength or the life of the furniture.

Clean natural and synthetic resin

This furniture is easy to maintain as they are resistant to UV and mildew. A simple washing with soapy water can remove dust and dirt. However, the impurities can be embedded along the time and pale colors. The only solution is to apply a furniture polish synthetic resin at the beginning and end of season after cleaning. “Let spotless” natural materials: cane, wicker, bamboo. For Wicker, the trick is to wash with soapy water adding sea salt and vinegar, and let it air dry, protected from the sun. And to get back to having a good look, you only have to rub it with a sponge soaked in cold water and lemon juice.
bamboo has to slather with linseed oil and rub with a cloth.


Protect the metal and steel

with round the To-lix chair, metal and steel give our gardens gallons.
Metal and rust resistant galvanized steel and can be powder coated to offer a beautiful range of colors. It just kept rubbing with soap and water with a cloth, such as wrought iron corrosion treated. The icing on the cake if you want to make it shine: furniture smeared with a thin layer of cream metal.
Good to know: Forget the scouring pads that scratched steel and metal.