A spacious and spacious bath is one of the jewels that are worth hiding in the bathroom. We would all like to have one and it is not strange, as it is the perfect element to relax after a hard day’s work. An inexhaustible source of relaxation that, in addition, is able to decorate by itself any space. We tell you everything you need to know to choose the bath and hit the spot.

bathtub for your bathroom

Something that seems so simple in theory, in practice is much more complicated. So many models shapes and materials can lead to more than a headache. Here you have all the keys to succeed with the election. Yes, I know you would like to have a more spacious bathroom in which to install a large bathtub as large as a mini-pool. However, space is what it is. Although there are, ways to make a room look bigger in the end the square meters are the ones that command.

That is why the size of your bathtub will be determined by how big or small your bathroom is. Its shape, since choosing the rectangular or oval bathtub will depend on all the elements that you have to include in the bathroom, and how you distribute them in the available space.

Rectangular bathtubs are the most common. Especially if they are models that are embedded, provided with skirt. Although if your bathroom is spacious you can place an oval bath, (they are very decorative). You might also be interested in bathtub with shower, the perfect solution for undecided owners

What do you have a free corner? He opts for a semicircular model. Whatever your bathtub, it sure becomes the most valuable piece of the bathroom if you use it well. With some quiet music, soft lighting and bath salts, relaxation is assured.

Do you fancy an exempt bathtub?

They are, without doubt, the most decorative bathtubs of all. Or to me they seem to me. Of course, they also occupy quite a lot, so they are only suitable for XXL size bathrooms. However, who would not want to be able to dive into one of those classic- legged bathtubs every night? Can there be a more elegant way to take a bath? I do not think so.

The old leg baths were made of cast iron and were handmade enamel. Although they are no longer made this way, you can find on the market current models that mimic the old leg baths. In addition, if your decorating spirit is more modern and contemporary, there are baths exempt of design that you will love. Well, there is a great solution to enjoy an exempt bathtub, of imposing dimensions, even if your bathroom has a standard size. You can install it in the bedroom, if you have enough space in it. Do you like the idea?

Many times the rooms have those meters that are lacking in the bathroom, so putting the free bath there can be a great idea. Thus, you will find a space of intimacy in which to relax with a good bath whenever you want and you need it.

Although a good relaxing bath is in itself a pleasure, if you want to achieve excellence when it comes to choosing the bathtub it is best that you decide for a model with built-in hydro massage. You will only have to dive a little in the universe of bathtubs equipped with hydro massage systems to realize how wide and varied the offer may be. The best thing is that you do not complicate yourself and opt for a simple model. Choose one with water jets and air injectors that will guarantee a really relaxing and restorative massage.