The lack of space is one of the major problems and the most frequent when decorating our homes. Most of us live in small houses, which impose certain limitations on defining the interiors. But not all is lost! Today we give you the fundamental keys to decorate a small apartment and out more than airy.

Keys to decorate a small apartment

Yes, I know. You like your house had one more room. Yes and a slightly larger room you could use. We know that decorating a small apartment has its intricacies, it is not as easy as creating the interior design of these very broad and diaphanous spaces we see in decorating magazines. However, no matter how difficult, it is not impossible. In fact, I will tell you is easier than you think. Just follow these keys firmly that we offer today. Sometimes it will cost a bit, because it may not fit the idea you had in mind.

Decorating a small apartment: Forget dark colors

You might enchant houses with walls painted in dark colors, sophisticated and a bit dramatic, but if you have to decorate a small apartment, it is best you go forgetting that option. When space is scarce is the turn of the light colors. From white, I’d say, but you can also use pastel tones very faint. If you are not sure, do not think and bet for painting walls and ceilings white. In this way, the environments seem to grow rather than shrink.

When you’re deciding how you’re going to paint every room relax and think about the continuity of colors. This is the key for your home look bigger.  Paint or decorate every room in a different color only break the sense of continuity between spaces, making the house look even smaller. So do not think more and try to seek harmony, starting with the choice of colors.

Natural light power

This is one of the most repeated rules when promoting the amplitude when it comes to decorating a small apartment, and is closely related to the choice of colors. White and light colors are bright and enhance the sense of clarity and comprehensiveness. When multiplying the natural light that gets a room, a basic rule resides in clear windows. Put a light curtain best blank, or a smooth shade in a light color.

Choose wisely decorative style

You are classic or more modern tastes; the size of your home is an important factor when choosing the decorative style that will give the interiors. If your house is very small, commitment to minimalism and contemporary style, more sober. Few and simple furniture and a palette of neutral colors and relaxed will help you make your home look bigger than it is.