The choice of date or have clear budgets help to avoid delays and problems with professionals.

Comprehensive reforms of major home sites, such as kitchen or bathroom , are usually performed on average every 20 years, which is a major expenditure of money and time. For this reason we have to study each step in stride. The first goes with choosing the right date. In this sense, experts say that in winter is less annoying the neighbors, because they have the windows closed and there are fewer holidays and days off, but in summer it moves faster, because there are more hours of light and the heat , dried materials before. Consequently, professionals conclude that August is the ideal time, as there are some people who annoy and drying is faster.

Ask for several quotes for comparison

The companies advise that you ask three to five quotes before settling on one. It is also important, and says the Organization of Consumers and Users ( OCU ), which is seeking professional references, even for a small reform. Upon reviewing the budgets, it is imperative to put a price on everything, even a trifle. This will avoid the least surprise when it comes time to pay it. They also must be specified quality of materials and if there had been any reduction or discount.


Pay the tax advantages

If the income of the person who will make the reform is less than EUR 50,000 gross per year, with the VAT reform may deduct for the works, and even have the right to choose aid with some municipalities and communities. Also advisable to hire a security to avoid any problems in damage to other homes.

Permits and authorizations provided in rule

It is essential that in doing the work, the person who will realize it has all municipal permits. It is advisable to paste a copy on the door to see that workers are working “with all of the law” and, besides, the neighbors can not say anything. With respect to advances, the OCU recommends that, at best, be given 30 percent of the total budget. Furthermore, it should not settle until after eight or ten days, once you check that everything works perfectly. It is also advisable to include in the budget a penalty clause with the times to ensure the work is completed on the agreed date.

Find a partner or coordinator of the tasks

To avoid having to explain over and over again to the masons, plumbers, electricians what to do, should be sought including a coordinator who is responsible for work done. For questions, if there is no one to turn to, the most effective is to contact the supplier of materials through its website. And finally, be home for the duration of the work. This will prevent injection of leg and inspected the materials they are made. There will be no excuses for anything going wrong in a work so laborious.