You have chosen to redo your kitchen or bathroom. Invariably, a question arises: what counter top you choose? Many options available to you.

Make a plan

Before you even choose the counter that will ensure an adequate work surface, make a plan. In determining the shape, length and width of your future counter top, you’ll have a good overview of the size needed for your project … and amounts that you will pay. Then, assess your needs. Do I need a kitchen counter-catching the eye or practice? I have much time to devote to cleaning?


After drawing your plan and determined the dimensions required, you shop for your future counter. Expect a big surprise. You will find molded counter tops, laminate, wood, stainless steel, quartz, granite, marble, acrylic, technicstone in limestone, soapstone in by Staron, or concrete. So, before choosing the counter you will see daily during 10, 15 or 20 years, visit your favorite hardware store, specialized centers, renovation of rooms to determine the product that best suits your needs. It’s worth it! Components should guide your choice. At first, you must stick to your budget. It is easy to spend $ 7 500, 10 000 USD, $ 20 000 or more to renovate a kitchen or bathroom. Calculate!


Secondly, the counter top should not be too porous. Otherwise, you could end up with spots that you’re never going to be removed and you will have to endure for many years. Third, find the materials chosen in areas where cleanliness is essential: the restaurants, for example. They are subject to very strict hygiene rules. The materials used in these institutions facilitate cleaning and limit the spread of unwanted germs. They have the same qualities in you.

A new counter

You choose a prefabricated counter top. Perfect! If you are a good handyman, well equipped, you can probably install a molded counter tops, laminate or acrylic, without too much difficulty. By cons, it is best left to specialists, the installation of more sophisticated counters or heavier. Imagine if your great discomfiture quartz counter tops, chosen with love, is found in pieces after being handled without the necessary precautions. For many stone counter tops are weaker than they have in the air. If you choose to place your new counter top yourself, make sure you have a lot of patience in reserve. For it is not always easy to adjust, given its size and sometimes, of its weight. Tip: If you choose a molded counter tops, seal the joint with an exterior varnish to waterproof.

The walls deformed

Well, you released your tools to ask your counter top molded, but the wall is not straight, what to do? The answer is simple. Press both ends of the wall, then measure the widest space between the wall and the counter top. Using a block of wood (large enough to have well in hand) of the same thickness as the gap between the wall and your counter, and a pencil, draw on your counter, the surplus removed following the curve of the wall. It will do more than get out your belt sander to remove the excess. For a counter top with backsplash, put masking tape on top and seal the gap with caulking Alex more silicone. Multi-step, fill the void, then smooth it all. Let dry for three to four days, then paint the caulk the same color as the wall.