Synthetic, natural, rolling . The new materials become tops in both its image and its technical qualities.

The new kitchen countertops offer a more current with the addition of materials finishing most visually spectacular, but also improved technically. In this market, where synthetics are dazzling, the options multiply, but natural materials, especially stones , regain their former glory and return with force to the kitchen. While others, such as steel, glass and cement, respond to draft look industrial.

Stone countertops in the kitchen decor

Along with classic stones such as granite, which in turn incorporates new finishes, backgrounds and colors, and marble, with its possibilities in polished, honed or aged, making it even tougher, begin to create surfaces with other of stones, among which the slate, sandstone, lava . Treated to resist high temperatures and humidity in the kitchen, also have a very attractive image, which allows to incorporate more modern environments , which is updated both its appearance and its possibilities. Its main drawback is the difficulty to be molded, making it more convenient to reserve them for the straight, with few corners.


Countertops made of synthetic materials

The possibilities of synthetic materials in the manufacture of countertops do not stop growing and are one of the best options for their technical performance but also by their undoubted visual appeal. In its many advantages, durability, strength and easy cleaning, add new finishes, treatments and technologies. Thus, firms in the market that offer countertops effects with laser engraving or sandblasting, giving it a rough look natural. Well in translucent colors, which recover the pure white, or in other shades that bring it closer to natural elements such as rocks or trees.

Hygienic countertops

Other tops impact not only for his new finishes, but lead antibacterial treatment, which make them much cleaner, and they can integrate the sink, almost seamless, so that favors a much more attractive. They come in bright colors and acids (with quartz and metallic minerals) accent industry, able to adapt to different styles.

Quartz Countertops

Among the synthetic materials used in the manufacture of the tops are well known agglomerates of quartz and resin surfaces difficult to scratch, durable, capable of combining one or two colors in the same work plane and whose use may be prolonged in the walls . Quartz Countertops and synthetic fibers are a safe bet: offer many technical features (durability, strength and easy cleaning ) with a spectacular image. In contrast, are priced somewhat high. Countertops with a high percentage of quartz are very resistant to daily use and easy to clean, with new uniforms and very modern finishes.

Marble or quartz countertops compacted

These countertops are strong and beautiful. Some of them have been together but they are almost imperceptible. And because they are easily molded countertop can customize and create slots for the drying of the sink, waves to create different zones , etc. They are able to maintain the color unchanged despite the passage of time and can integrate the sink barely visible joints.

Tops with laminates

The world of laminates has also undergone a profound transformation that has improved technologically, but its price has risen sharply. The high pressure is made with thermosetting synthetic resins, much stronger and resistant to shock and moisture.

Countertops with industrial style

Stainless steel and glass, along with specially treated surfaces have micro for kitchens , remain two of the bets to play a more current look professional. Stainless steel countertops, the sink can be integrated without joints, but are recommended for the area of ​​fires. However the tops made of safety glass and all types: tinted, opaque, screen printing are suitable for the area of ​​water and cooking. Manufacturers continue to opt for the kitchen as a source of experimentation. Thus the old tiles are transformed and new materials come to the walls and tops of new kitchen designs that stand out for its durability, easily moldable, hygienic, ecological and versatile.