The kitchen is one of those residential areas in which those who are assigned to the culinary activities , but also those who consume meals, spends several hours a day . Often the children are in the kitchen at the same time to parents, and also uses many electrical accessories and appliances in such an environment. For these reasons, the kitchen will have to pay for aesthetic, structural and safety, which is why, the watchword in the kitchen will be, inevitably:kitchen furniture safety !

Before you even buy the kitchen furniture and choose the models that we like, we will resurface or adaptation of plants both electric and gas. The regulations relating to safety, require the presence of an air intake applicable to the windows, or on the wall, which aims to promote the airing of the environment, while, for what concerns the electrical system, you will have to assess the magnitude electrical wires, and the number of tricks in relation to appliances to insert and to the electrical power they need in order to avoid overheating of the wires and causing a fire as possible, generated by the attack of too many appliances to the same power outlet. Once prepared attacks and sockets, we will take steps perimeter of the kitchen marking the presence of doors and windows, as well as of connection of water, gas and sockets. choose In relation to measures both the kitchen that the provision of any plans for work, column fridge, stove and sink.


Among the models available on the market we can opt for classic kitchen in wood finishes choosing from walnut, ash, mahogany or rustic chestnut, or alternatively for modern kitchens with a single color or multi-colored lacquered finishes are trade In recent-generation models, such as libraries , mix various components and doors of different colors, such as, white and dark purple or teal with yellow and so on to make room for furniture youth and beauty. Finally we find kitchens in true modernity defined high tech, made ​​of steel or similar materials, very beautiful and functional give the place a certain degree of coldness, in contrast to the polished or lacquered furniture in natural essences.

Very important is also the choice of the table and the number of rings (4, 6, 8 etc.). Finally, the amount of chairs present. These elements will be evaluated based on the number of family members and the actual use that is made ​​of the kitchen. Families who cook a lot and made ​​up of several elements, will do well to opt for large hobs and fridges capacious. If you have children be well to consider the installation of protective steel grilles appropriate, that prevent the overthrow of pots from the stove or whatever. Check that the hob is equipped with safety valves able to ensure the suspension of the gas, in the case of extinguishing the flame. Finally, avoid installing appliances and outlets near sources of moisture (water vapor), or taps. Thanks to these measures your kitchen will not only beautiful and functional, a real kitchen safe.