The wall tile in the kitchen is usually one of the best places to add a splash of color or an intricate design space. Need to update the flooring in your house with Wenatchee tile store. The best walls of this type depend on the color of your kitchen range, the designs you want to show and the overall theme or style of the rest of the place.

kitchen tile walls

Checkered Design
A small wall tiles with a border of boxes is the ideal way to display two main colors of the kitchen or two lines of the same color. For example, a kitchen adorned with appliances and decorated in black and white will look more uniform even with a tiled wall with checkered pattern behind the stove. The brightly colored kitchen ranges from turquoise or red cherry, will benefit from a tiled wall between the cabinets and the worktop with a border of pictures and two tones. For example, an edge showing turquoise and navy blue tiles against gray or white tiles join the range of cool colors, cherry red edges or brick directly above or roasted brown tiles grant additional warmth to the kitchen.

Marble design
The marble tiled walls add an elegance that is timeless to the kitchen with a space theme or monochromatic as Tuscan or Roman accents. For example, a kitchen decorated with white, cream or gray will stand out more with a marble tile wall showing rich brown tones with touches of white and gray variations. Marble is also a feature of classic cuisine that will make artworks Italian style fruit and landscapes or small columns wrapped in synthetic vines look more authentic. A kitchen ranges decorated with light and dark gray, will benefit from a wall of black marble tiles for stove or along the main wall between the counter top and kitchen cabinets. While not add necessarily black marble color space, texture change will please the eye.

Mosaic design
Use tiles to create a mosaic design for a wall, customize the kitchen space, no matter the color range. For example, if in the decoration of the kitchen are included warm colors like orange, red and yellow, choose a tile design that shows oranges, strawberries and lemon to the back of the stove. For a kitchen monochromatic brown range, mosaic walls showing three or four of the same color ranges as cocoa, chocolate, wheat and oats add texture to the space, because the color is not overwhelming, you can show a pattern of tile wall behind the stove so as along the area of ​​the cabinets.