Reform or start from scratch, but above all economic. “Do it yourself” and fashion ‘outlet’: solutions for tighter budgets.

Change the image of the kitchen is one of the most expensive home. In this change several substitutions generally agree: the furniture, appliances and facilities. Although the reform is not always complete, face washing can force us to renew tiles or light fixtures, opt for appliances of class A more economical consumption and environmentally friendly measures, and fit available space. In any case, the current economic situation forces users to seek competitive quotes.

Chain stores and industrial warehouses

The option “do it yourself” is the usual case. Furniture and easy assembly are brand chains like Ikea and Leroy Merlin . The purchase is cheaper because these companies are manufacturers and save costs on intermediaries. The warehouses of the industrial estates are another possibility, even in some also sell appliances. In the latter case is quite common to find attractive discounts if the customer decides to buy the complete equipment on the premises.


Cheaper materials for kitchen furniture

One factor that causes prices to skyrocket are the materials. While the trend is to look for quality materials that do not transfer and do not scratch. Purchase price with good quality socks possible. For example, synthetic countertops ride will be more affordable than the classic marble or quartz latest compact. As for the furniture there are several possibilities: the laminate, the cheapest-covered chipboard immoral modern polylaminate-resistant PVC and-design, the classic wood-lacquer-and-smart and a great diversity of color .

Functional furniture in the kitchen

Functionality is one of the most sought after today. Furniture with organizers, multiple drawers or racks are the details grateful. However even if low cost is important to pay attention to the finishes, the drawers glide clumsily, to be silent and, if we can delay the budget, which are equipped with a close buffer.

Beware of assembly “easy” kitchen cabinets

Walking around the blogs of decoration is not hard to find items related to installation of furniture , more specifically with the popular Ikea and more problems if anything-whether it is cooking. The light fixtures and water are those that often complicate the installation of the furniture so it will be taken into account which could, if not with them, spending will increase in electrical work and plumbing. In this case, it is best to calculate whether the extra budget at the same automount outweigh any discomfort or if account goes on to hire a company to be responsible for performing all work. And all this without the cumbersome removal of the furniture in a cargo van, you do not have it, would have to rent. A kitchen, however small, has many boards.

Styles that reduce spending on kitchen cabinets

The plating is one of the biggest expenses. A kitchen rustic may be a solution to save. This style can decorate with furniture restored or rescued from rakes or sales of second hand and, why not reuse an old house fittings. Moreover, the rustic styles allow us to abandon some or all of the tile , possibilities, the latter two, which can fit into a retro line for that also have capable appliances only nostalgic .