You can change the design with a minimal investment, you only need an appropriate distribution.

Sometimes, unleashing creativity with simple details and pieces players, you can get them to enjoy and work more easily in a kitchen. It should not be just a place to cook, can also provide meeting space, share and discuss.

Add meters

In recent years, the kitchen has been a source of ideas in design, currently gaining ground and becoming comfortable and manageable. Accessories and furniture are sought to make it practical and easy cooking can be achieved at any time, be the best host:

¤To vent giving extra space, will require cabinets without opting for pull-outs , cabinets and shelves, which have more than one function if its interior is well equipped and increasingly paid more importance to the choice of contemporary design and practical.
¤The seating capacity can occupy the bank, which will be an alternative to make room, the stools are ideal for areas not subtract. If, by contrast, is chosen chairs can be selected from materials that are easy to wash and with designs which facilitate the passage area.
¤One detail that should be considered is the distance from the table nearest furniture; to add meters, folding panels or by design, take advantage of the corners.


¤If the stay permits, an island, besides presenting a work zone, can provide several functions: zonade storage area and office , on the sides, will be ideal place large drawers or shelves.
¤Drawers with several trays multiply their ability to adapt to the needs, a good solution is profitable base area incorporating drawers.
¤Columns with removable opening system, placed near corners, allow you to store bottles and containers high.
¤Modules with wheels have gained currency, since they are integral to any furniture and are easy to handle.
¤An ingenious solution is to put steel plates on the back wall, which may act as a mirror giving a feeling of spaciousness.

Styles with trends

You need to find a balance between design and lifestyle. They seek the right colors, integrating the necessary lighting and accessories found more suited to the room, still important to have good coordination so that they can easily combine elements:

¤Lighting can take center stage, differentiating the work area to the area office of a localized, enhancing the objects or furniture . The pendants are a source of ambient light and highlight where they are placed, the spotlights direct light increase in the points you want to highlight.
¤A simple change will update the curtains helping to change the image, Roman shades are suitable for their rich decoration, suit measures to control windows and lighting, will be important that the chosen fabrics are sturdy and easy to wash.
¤Care should be taken, and it is recommended that the area office is located next to the window to invite natural light to enter, and thus to strengthen the sense of unique atmosphere.
¤We can consider the flowers and plants , they can bring color and also perfume the place. Play to combine with other objects of the same color as the lamps, curtains, covers, is a good idea, let the flower centers give a decorative effect of color and life, standing flowers are another option to decorate the abandoned corners.

With a decoration full of ideas, proposals and decorative secrets, you can get a new kitchen, practice and comfortable, without having to change the furniture if necessary.