Landlords have a duty in the United Kingdom, to provide tenants with an energy performance certificate (EPC). It is not only they who must pay for a survey to find out what a buildings score is, anybody who is selling a property must do the same.

The EPC covers all aspects of the home to do with its efficiency. The score at the end of the survey will give the potential tenant an idea of how much it will cost to heat the place, should they decide to move in. There are ways to improve it that we will go into in a moment, so don’t panic if things look grim; approach the landlord and ask them to carry out improvements.


The experienced letting agents in Solihull will explain the contents of the certificate in detail. Here are some things any property owner can do to cut the cost of heating in a building and make it more attractive to tenants than it is now.

Energy Ratings

All appliances these days come with energy efficiency ratings. You can identify it by a letter followed by an appropriate number of stars. An old central heating boiler might use much more energy than it needs to these days, so replacing it with a new model is probably a viable option. It will pay for itself many times over in its lifetime, so think of it as an investment on which you will get a healthy return.

Cavity Wall Insulation

The property might have cavity walls that have no insulation. If that is the case, heat is bleeding through them. In just one day and for a few hundred pounds, contractors will come to the property and inject insulation into the cavity. The effect on the building is immediate.

If the walls are solid, there is still a solution. There are insulation panels available that the contractor will fix to the exterior of the building. They then cover them with a coat of render. If the house is not in top condition, it is an effective way to spruce it up. That is two birds with one stone.

Thermal Loft Insulation

The heat in the house will rise into the loft and out through the roof if there is no insulation to stop it. Loft insulation is cheap and quick to install. Only a complete idiot would ignore this upgrade now that we know it can save a lot of money for little expense.

Doors And Windows

If the property has old wooden doors and window frames that are draughty and in poor condition, it will affect the score. Fit modern uPVC alternatives to make the property toasty warm. Double glazing will stop the condensation on the windows and keep more of the heat in the building, where it belongs. The frames have integral seals to prevent draughts that are a significant cause of heat loss.

So, why should you know the EPC of a property? It is because it will affect your comfort and your bank balance. I can’t think of many other reasons that are as important as those, and I hope you agree.