Let’s start with that being organized and to be the order is not exactly the same thing.

If nothing behind you, you are not necessarily organized. It may well be that everything is hidden behind the doors and drawers, and when you open them, everything falls on you! We must therefore distinguish the organization, which underlies a notion of functionality, storage, behind rather a notion of appearance. It is a matter of process, daily actions and not look beautiful and organizational products.

What does being organized?

Being organized is to do things efficiently and above all without irritating. Is to create a custom system for finding and storing it quickly needed. Each person and house is different; therefore there is no one size or solutions that suit everyone. We must do what is good for you. Your goal is to create a space for living, working and storage (storage) allowing you to live fluid. However, there are still some general principles that can be tracked to give you a direction.


Tips for organizing

1) It is questioned: Before undertaking any project or organization, ask yourself. Why do you want better you organize? What motivates you practical? departures in the morning easier, reduce your stress when the visit is to gain time to read a story at night to your children, etc. Keep that in mind when you are looking for “your solution”.

2) It takes pictures: Document your project and your progress by taking pictures before, during and after. This is an excellent tool to physically see what is wrong, to quantify your progress and congratulate you for the efforts.

3) We start with the obvious: Begin by reorganizing the apparent places like your kitchen counters. Why? Because you’ll instantly see (almost) results and this is what you will continue to be motivated.

4) We choose our projects: Precondition you succeed. At first, choose small projects that easy do not cause you anxiety. Once you have successfully completed several small projects, you can move to a bigger one.

5) We make no babies: Make no babies! It is best to start small, but do it well by taking the time to think and to finish what you started rather than undertake a major project and not finish it. You can reorganize your kitchen drawer at a time. For those who have little time, make 15-minute periods each still working in the same room. After a few weeks, you will be surprised at the progress you have made.

6) is freed: Feel free to get rid of things that are not or very little. Make people happy by giving your loved ones or a favorite charity that you hold dear. Be the void of superfluous thinking, among others, the principle of 80/20 (Pareto): it carries 20% of our clothes 80% of the time, 20% of our paper has classified 80% of useful information, 20% your business provides 80% of your results!

7) It visualizes our real estate: Visualize your home as a real estate. You have a downtown, suburbs and regions. Store things according to their frequency of use by placing in downtown, that you use every day, in the suburbs, the things you use a little less often (once a week or month) and in regions , things rarely used (once per 3-4 months). the center of a kitchen is defined by the readily accessible (drawers, cabinets), the suburbs, for the top shelves of your cabinets and regions, through cabinets very difficult to access (remote corner or top of the fridge). Reproducing this principle in every room.

8) Determine a place for everything: So your organizational system is maintained, everything must have an assigned place, a place of residence. This is the only way to succeed.

9) is divided to get better organized: To conquer space, it is easier to divide. A Cutlery Drawer is used more effectively if it includes dividers. Favor the use of container (large or small) to consolidate and keep things organized.