To allow modular environment inside your house offers a wide choice of colors and prints. Zen, baroque or Turkish, tone depends on you. Play with the contrasts of colors and playing with optical illusions.

How to choose a nice fabric?

Tap, tap, then tap again: To choose fabrics please compare and playing different parts. A beautiful fabric is not too soft, it is a little stiff and comfortable to hold. Prioritizes woven mesh fabrics for the seats and wall hangings. For curtains or cushions are better adapted softer tissues.

Think of the most practical: choice of materials is influenced by the room to install and use, just like with the colors. Another point to consider is the strength and ease of fabric care. Finally, always choose more fabric than necessary to avoid unpleasant surprises. Once you’ve made ​​the purchase, wash before use to make sure you do not shrink after.


And if I want to be fashionable, I choose

Put green: This season, nature fills every household with colors very “organic”: from green to coral, to earth tones, cream or red. Grande prints, large flowers and leaves prints are back in fashion . Also proliferate peach, olive and eggplant. And an outline of spices, paprika or saffron.

Pop: In general, the bright colors become hard. As the patterns of 70 and 80, which give an air of nostalgia. hard to get right For the more classic, red, gray and chocolate always are highly regarded, while black, gold and silver impose a touch tone Baroque style.

All tips from the pros:

Would you like a room look bigger?
Opt for vertical stripes in shades as they give a feeling of space. But you can also choose light colors to achieve the same effect. Yes, the spots are much more visible!

Want to highlight the sofa?
Once again, the stripes will optimize the interior of your home. Allow curves give relief to the couch.

Want to give a warm atmosphere to the room?
What you need are the pictures! From bright colors add warmth to the room.

Our last tip

Have fun with colors! But remember that not everything hits it in the same room. And the winning trio: a color majority in the room, a color less present than full and some other touches ensure a certain harmony.