Tips for the lighting of the dining room

Not always in lighting design of a domestic space the light and the light source coincide with the orientation; happens for example in spaces such as the living room, that light should be soft, maybe obtained for multiple games and not properly directed according to the can be utilized. Instead, the dining room or rather the dining table, is one of those furniture, which has always been as an accompanist, a light source, personal and specific, can illuminate both uniformly that point The area of work or sitting. The dining room is one of the most concerned with the appearance of sociability we meet for dinner every day, or only on great occasions, when families gather and / or friends. E ‘a focal point, that not only must be well lit so as to carry out a whole series of activities, but at the same time, must also be illuminated in a correct way, so as to create the right atmosphere, also for relaxing and of chatter. The light above table, for the purposes of the vision of groceries, is of direct type . A well-lit table, in fact, will create hard shadows and contrasting that will stand out greatly in both the dishes and the dishes that the food themselves. ‘s plans to consider are two, in addition to horizontal aspect of the table, usually a room Lunch is also equipped with chairs, around furniture and make it accessible. In this case the ambient lighting must also take into consideration these elements, evaluating which will then be used by diners, also with a daily basis. The light then does not have to be annoying and too direct, but soft and soft, so as not to create discomfort and even unconsciously make shorter the time of the banquet. because it creates the right atmosphere, the lighting must be of the indirect type, obtained either from the same suspension above the table, or play of reflections by other light sources in the room. A possible solution is that it binds well to daily use that for sporadic use during special events, the use of recessed spotlights to be placed in the furniture around the room and usually positioned on the wall. Using spotlights swivel type, you can adjust the intensity and direction of light, creating a soft atmosphere and indirect light, however, able to properly illuminate the environment, without delegating the task to single pendant lamp placed above the table lunch. instead for the latter solution, the possibilities are endless. Many companies have a catalog of specific products, designed just for the ‘lighting of the dining room , which sometimes can be differentiated from the kitchen area, as the height and intensity of the light is different.


Modern lighting for dining table

We go down more specifically and we look more closely at some products a little ‘curious, suitable to illuminate the dining table, maybe even in the home of the modern taste.If you like strong colors, but lights and furniture with simple lines, the right lamp is lamp Bell, of Discipline, created by Swiss designer Sibylle Stoeckli and produced by the young brand created by Renato Preti, specializing in functional products, simple and essential lines. Lamp With Bell is the same name that echoes the forms. A bell jar, painted in different colors, in which the bulb is inserted, whose light is filtered also thanks to the type of paint in the upper part. Besides the use as above table, Bell is also ideal outside, for example on a terrace, having regard to the ease of movement and use. The price fluctuates around 260 euro. Even within the family armadillo, the lamps created by designer Patricia Urquiola for Flos , there is a version in suspension ideally suited to illuminate the dining room. Here, as in the whole line, to lord it are processed and woven cap and a play of light and shade very nice, they create, in addition to the direct right lighting, a beautiful effect of vision and soft for those watching from afar. armadillo pendant costs about 450 € and you can buy, even with a small discount for example, on the site of Ap lighting. Finally, a word also to Scandinavian design , very popular these days. If we talk about the North, we can not quote Mutton, a Danish brand, which takes its name from the word change, or change. His are produced by clean lines and a clean, useful and beautiful to look at, obtained thanks to the collaboration with designers and studios cry, as Louise Campbell and Norway Says, creator own the pendant lamp Mhy. A playful chandelier , whose shape is inspired by the world of comics, from which it draws too sharp and vibrant colors. Fixed in the dining room, making the cheerful table, and at the same time can lighten a too serious or minimal furniture. Mhy is a lamp that is well suited also to the kitchen, perhaps arranged in series or in groups, for example, ideal for high impact bar tables or work areas to peninsula.