Lighting is very important to enhance decor and create a soft atmosphere. Failing to provide adequate light sources can undermine all your efforts decorative. The colors, materials, textures will be enhanced with the provision of well balanced light. Even if you have sufficient natural light with plenty of windows, your parts will become murky and dull if your lighting is deficient in the evening.

Missteps, in lighting

# Planning her evil plan when building electrical
# Light sources insufficient
# Choosing the wrong light bulbs for lights (power, type, etc)
# Buy the wrong types of lighting for different needs
# Poorly positioned light sources
# No dimmer for the lights integrated


Change the lighting

Change or modify the light sources is one of the easiest ways to revamp and effective decor. And it can be done without any renovation work. We have selected for you lamps and fixtures that will bring a lot of character, ambience and beauty to your home. At Artemano, we toured India in search of original fixtures. What could be more comforting in winter, that gently illuminate the dark and cold days. Here is the latest collection of Indian lamps, signed Artemano.

Made of recycled metal, these lamps give off a soft ambient light by the thousands of small holes that decorate them. They thus create an undeniable impact in a setting by adding warmth and ambience. They earn also be used in groups to maximize the effect. And as these lamps combine modern design and exotic to the sobriety of metal, they will fit perfectly into a contemporary setting.

These models are available from Artemano (between $ 175 and $ 450). According to Jerome Prieur, manager at Homier Luminaires, lamps have gained much importance in recent years decorations. Long shunned by consumers, the lights are now listed and we no longer hesitate to devote a significant part of the budget. Anyone who has lived the experience of working in a freshly renovated kitchen, but the lighting is poor can testify!