We spend much time in the kitchen. For some, it can be very pleasant time while for others it can be troublesome. That whether or not a passion for cooking, our enjoyment will depend largely on the configuration and the ergonomics of the development. And if one thinks of making improvements, there is another very important factor to consider before thinking about upgrading his kitchen: productivity!

The choice of appliances: a critical

If you are among those who have already experienced a kitchen renovation, or if you plan recently (or longer) to do so, you will quickly understand that this aspect is most important. This refers to the famous appliances! To make life easier, they must be efficient, easy to use, easy to clean, pleasant to watch and of course, very fast to fulfill the duties to which they are dedicated! We have therefore prepared this week a summary of our latest discoveries and research in this area to inform you and show you pictures in the potential market. You will agree that what we present is not intended for any budget, but it is always dream without regard to the portfolio .

kitchen -appliances

The ovens

Increasingly efficient and specialized kilns now use advanced technologies such as convection and steam cooking. The famous pot bottom drawers have, in turn, given way to practices warming drawers. They are found either in the form of columns aligned one above the other, either in their more conventional form all-in-one combined with cooktops, most often using gas as a fuel, such as chefs.

The hotplates and grills

Here, the technology most secure and safest uses induction cooking. This works cooking, by definition, through inductors placed in the form of copper coils below a glass ceramic plate. The inductors act like magnets producing an electromagnetic field that focuses on the container posed. Everything circulates in a closed circuit. The container acts as a switch and heat production stops when you take it off the plate, so the cooking surface remains cool. Only drawback, you must equip pans made of a magnetic metal, either iron or cast iron, for example. In short, if you want to fit such cooktop, make sure you have a magnet on hand at the purchase of your pans!

Refrigerators larger than life

For those who are tired of looking inside the fridge, the solution is in the side by side! We’re talking about a full size vertical freezer posted next to the refrigerator. And if that is impeccable order, you’ll even have time to always see what’s inside by choosing a model with glass door (not for all, we agree!)Another interesting model, because different models almost always embedded: the fridge sides visible from the company Viking.


Like furnaces, they are resolutely forms more akin to the drawers and like ovens and refrigerators, they are used increasingly in duo. No more fills and dumps! A drawer contains freshly washed the dishes while the other is ready to receive the dirty dishes, you could just think about it. It goes without saying that these models meet the standards for water saving and ultra-quiet.


Who says cooking odors said, who said said cooking heat, and said said steam cooking and humidity. It is therefore important to choose wisely this essential element to good air quality. The choice of styles, colors and shapes is very varied. Some models even have colored elements that can be replaced depending on the evolution of decoration.

This concludes our tour of the art appliances. In conclusion, we recommend that you take the time to visit companies specialized in the field, to get advice from tradespeople before buying. And going back to the cost of appliances, it is important to remember that they are part of the investments that will enhance significantly the value of your property. Therefore, these improvements will help you get a better resale value!