Fans of the 80s rejoice! The latest trends offer a set worthy of this decade, where the line becomes psychedelic colors and dresses hypnotics. Our advice: forget the fluorescent dyes and the decoration of the walls like a carpet. Bet neutral colors for a retro look perfectly.


Very colorful, the lines of this set will not leave anyone indifferent. The twist: a second face solid in case you do not get better with the lines! Our advice: buy this sets in two colors: turquoise and raspberry for example, and fun place them here and there in the room (curtains, carpet).

Urban boy

Here’s a collection worthy of a man!Big lines flashy style much urban highlight any type of room: will like the kids a little ‘more quiet and reserved. Our tip: decorate the room with furniture 50’s, 60’s and 70 revisited in modern style as the chair mustard you see in the picture. Success guaranteed!


Elegant lines

Do you think a set can not symbolize femininity? Yet what you see immortalized in the photo looks poised to prove otherwise! A set glamor and sober, a cocktail of elegance to the rooms more chic! Our advice: play the card of sophistication and wrapping materials, soft and sweet. Think neutral colors for walls and floor: chocolate, beige, creamy white .

African dream

The line becomes wild and dress in ethnic tones. Wrap yourself in the warmth of these sheets to dream of exotic places Our tip: wooden statuettes, masks typical screen with themed decorations reinvent your room under the sign of Africa and spends the rest of the winter warm!


If this set has the magical power to invoke the study, do not wait! Buy it now here, the line turns to give life to squares of a sheet of notebook paper and leave room for a lot of reasons recreation.

Striped satin

Warm colors, satin touch this magnificent set has a certain class to show off on special occasions! > Our advice: This set is full of beauty and elegance. Fit bedrooms with refined style and wood floors.