Maintaining a beautiful home and garden adds curb appeal to your property, but obtaining and maintaining that beautiful lawn might be frustrating, costing you valuable time and effort, and still you might not be able to make it look its best. That’s why an automatic sprinkler system is convenient and cost effective, whether you have a commercial or residential property.

A professionally installed sprinkler system is your ticket to a great lawn. Professional installers will meet with you and assess your property. They take into account things you couldn’t hope to keep up with yourself, such as soil type, exposure to sun and shade, plant species, and whether or not your lawn has any inclines or declines where water might pool. Pooling water is one of the best ways to end up with dead brown and unsightly patches on your lawn. Once this site plan is drawn up, the professionals will create a unique irrigation system for you and will handle the installation as well.

Lawn Sprinklers

The cost of installing a lawn sprinkler system will vary depending on the size of your yard. If your landscape needs repairs, there will be some additional charges. If you are on a budget, you can decrease the cost of the entire project by mowing, pruning, and trimming your property before the technician arrives. When efficient sprinkler systems are not used, a lot of valuable water is wasted. As well, if you require commercial sprinkler repair services, most reputable companies offer that as well.

An automated sprinkler system uses less water than usual methods of watering. That’s because they come equipped with a sensor which senses if there has been a rainfall and there is already excess water in the lawn. As well, professionally designed and installed sprinkler systems will be calibrated to only give your lawn the amount of water it requires. If you’re not a professional, chances are you often over water your lawn, not knowing how much or when is the best time to water. An automated system takes all of those variables and more into account so you don’t have to.

If you own a large commercial property you know how important a beautiful lawn is and how much time and effort it takes you or your staff to maintain the lawn to keep it beautiful. You also know that an automated watering system is a no-brainer. It will save you from having to employ extra people or tack extra hours on to your maintenance budget. Get an automated sprinkler system so you can breathe a little easier.