Look outside right now. If you live in Canada, chances are the view that greets you outside your window is a far cry from the leafy, green summer bliss we spend much of our time fantasizing about.

This has been a long, cold winter, and in many parts of the country, the weather is still icy and even bleak. However, the truth is that no matter where you live or how interminable the winter may seem now, the time is rapidly approaching to put away the snow shovel and start thinking about your summer lawn.

We all know the basic facts about landscaping and its importance. A well-watered and taken care of lawn adds aesthetic and monetary value to your home, not to mention providing you, your family and your friends with a beautiful place to relax and play. The only problem with maintaining a beautiful lawn comes, for many of us, in the issue of actually growing and maintaining the grass.

It can be surprisingly difficult to keep up a green property without over- or under-watering your greenery, and even those of us who start out with the best intentions can end up forgetting to water our properties or choosing the wrong times of day to do so.

The best way to deal with this problem is to have automatic irrigation or sprinkler systems installed by professionals like the ones at EZlawnsprinklers.ca. These types of systems allow you to make sure your property is getting the water it needs while also being able to account for a variable climate, the particularities of your land and ground shape, as well as the fact that you won’t always be home to manually turn your sprinkler system on or off.

These sprinklers may cost a bit more to install than buying the manual systems that simply attach to your hose, but the fact is that in the long term, they can save you money on everything from expensive water bills to plant-growing chemicals or even professional landscapers. No matter the size or shape of your lawn, automated sprinkler systems are the best way to save yourself time, money and stress on the job of lawn care and maintenance.


The days of standing in the middle of your lawn with a hose and sprayer are over. This is actually one of the least effective ways to manage your lawn – not to mention the fact that it is by no means as ecologically sound as you probably strive to be in other aspects of your day-to-day life.

A ridiculous amount of water goes to waste when it’s sprayed on the sidewalk or in areas of your lawn that do not actually need it. Sometimes you get distracted or have to walk away quickly from the task of watering, and dead stripes start to appear across your lawn where the hose is left out.

Not to mention how easily hoses get twisted, or the fact that most sprayers only last a season before they become clogged or start to leak. And if you live in a part of the country that experiences drought or water restrictions in the summertime, you can forget about being able to rely on your own schedule and resources to regularly keep your lawn irrigated.

Automatic sprinklers are more efficient and help to control your water use, for the benefit of your lawn as well as the environment at large. The pipes are underground so there are no unsightly hoses in your yard and no concerns about freezing in the winter.

These sprinklers can be programmed to precisely suit your own needs as well as the particularities of the place where you live. If you have a water restriction and can only water at night or in the morning, the timer will allow you to set the time when the lawn sprinklers activate and water your lawn.

The sprinkler systems can often be adjusted based on how much water your particular property needs, and what the weather is like in your area. The heads of the sprinklers can also be set to cover exactly the portion of the lawn that needs irrigation.

Automatic irrigation systems are the best, most foolproof way to ensure that your lawn stays properly watered, that your water costs stay down, and that your gardening ritual remains stress-free.