A tile can give your home entrance a luxurious look. In the market there are many varieties, colors and patterns of ceramic tiles including some made ​​specifically for outdoor use. These tiles can be installed easily and the process is similar to those from inside. Anyway, for those who do not know how do, the purpose of this guide is just to teach you how to lay a floor exterior.

First, make sure to use tiles suitable environment. In fact, these will have to withstand temperatures below freezing could smash and be slip resistant in case of rain. Regardless of where you live, there are harsh winters or not, the use of a ceramic floor should go just fine. It is important to follow certain guidelines. To begin laying the floor outside should first thoroughly clean the slab of concrete will be installed on the floor, remove any grains of sand, dirt, paint, grease, or anything else that would prevent a good bond.


As regards the application of the adhesive on the concrete screed, do it with a spatula so as to distribute it evenly and avoid that could cause breakage or water infiltration. The inner layer also does not require waiting for drying. The material for the bonding is composed of a thin for mortar which, once applied, is immediately taken.

After drying the adhesive (for about 24 hours) the floor will already walkable. With the same process is going to complete, so the entire area affected by the installation of the floor. After processing, you can use the stucco (commercially available) which are excellent sealants and water repellents to be placed in different slots.
Pay close attention to dry and remove the excess grout immediately because once you become hard, it will be very difficult to remove.

Following all these measures and, above all, by a screed is level, lay a floor exterior will be quick and easy.
regardless of whether it is a patio or an access road that runs between the interludes of gardens and flower beds, the structure will be quite durable, stylish and waterproof .