The error code “FL0” on a LeisureBay hot tub indicates that the pressure switch is not working due to flow problems or malfunctioning pressure switch. The pressure switch is a safety mechanism that uses pressure sensors and temperature to determine if it is safe and heater pump continue to operate. This is a common error code that is activated in several ways. Fortunately, it can be resolved without having to contact a qualified hot tub. Check out our 4 person hot tubs. Easily accommodate five people in these luxurious hot tubs.

4 person hot tub


Pressure switch function

All hot tubs are equipped with pressure switches or flow. While there are technical differences between the two switches, provided, in essence the same function, and the terms are often used interchangeably. These devices are safety switches on / off to allow the passage of current when there is enough water pressure in the system. The pressure switch automatically turns off the heater for the hot tub if there is sufficient water flow and thus prevent the system from burning. Therefore, the water bath is heated and the warning display FL0.


Common Causes

Often, water obstruction dirty or clogged filter is the culprit. The filter pleats begin to restrict the flow of water if not cleaned regularly. A low water level can also make FL0 error code appears. Occasionally, the wiring to the pressure switch is released. In the worst case, it is necessary to replace the pressure switch and possibly the heater if the oxide is formed or corroded switch.



Easy Repairs

There are some basic things that the owners of these bathtubs contacts You must do before a repair technician. Check the water level. Check that the filter is completely submerged, and if not, add more water. If the error code persists, disconnect the power to the hot tub. Remove the filter, clean it if necessary, and activate any engine that is closed. Let the hot tub for about 30 minutes to clear the memory of the sensor. If the problem was a clogged or dirty filter propeller, your hot tub should function normally once the tub is turned back on and the error code will disappear.