Which lamp fits to the country house style? Romantic and also modern luminaires for genuine land houses or elegant city flats.

Who specifically for lights in the cottage style is examined, often very little peasant and rustic lamps and lights. Crude wooden lamps and heavy lights that seem to overwhelm the space suit, not a modern country style. Because of this characteristic charming decor, the airiness and lightness, which is like a summer breeze. Imagine a town house before, in the scent of a farmer’s garden collects that is the modern country style! The lamps and lighting should be chosen to fit the country-house style. Modern lamps may just as well with country antiques and home furnishings harmonize the Tiffany lamps.

What is typical of country-style decorations?

What is typical for the country style is quite important, where to place the accents. For the country house style may well be interpreted differently. The lamps for the country style should definitely fit your personal style. Single lamp made of frosted glass almost always fit, but also lamps shades with floral patterns, the country style look very pretty. Wrought iron lamp bases are also suitable, as long as they are delicate. You should avoid massive, heavy lamps, dark wood or even ceramic. A beautiful old chandelier is perfect for the cottage style, such lamps and luminaires are also in the new. Combine different bulbs together quietly and put the light with different focal points in space.


During the dinner table should be lit more brightly, may conjure up in the living room side tables and lamps, a quiet close to the ground-mounted indirect lighting. In addition to the materials of glass and metal lamps also come into question from natural materials, as long as they are not too rough and rustic. Color, you should always adjust the lights to your other home furnishings. Country-style white usually dominates the color or a light beige. Colored and patterned accents lamps, but color should match with other home accessories such as curtains and sofa cushions.

Invisible light for the country style

With modern lamps can now also conjure a moody atmosphere almost invisible. Discreet ceiling lights illuminate areas of harmony and provide indirect light. It also fits very well with the country style. Even modern light sources such as the LED strips can be used for illumination. Even furniture can be illuminated in a country style. Perhaps you want even utilize colored light? This can also fit the country-house style. RGB LED lamps, the light switch and can be operated with a remote control. This can be especially interesting, because you have many bright furniture that reflect the light in the evening.