If an earthquake occurs our house is certainly a point of safe haven . However, it can not protect us from accidentally falling furniture or from shattered glass. If we want to have a safe home , the answer is simple: make sure that it is structurally sound and we must pay attention to those that can fall and cause us damage. This tutorial gives advice on how to have a home to earthquake proof .


The first thing to do is check that the foundations are secure and have a bolting system. If its construction took place after 1935 it is possible that it is provided. If, instead, it is the oldest we have to do a thorough inspection to assess its current state. You will probably have to strengthen its foundations properly. If you have a fireplace we make sure that it is securely attached to the supporting structure. Its collapse during an earthquake can be extremely dangerous.

We have to verify if the interior walls are installed cutting devices; in this case it was built on a raised base. The older buildings have walls paralyzed in the crawl space between the foundation and the floor . To be a test of seismic shock need reinforcements plywood . The interior layout of objects, furniture and appliances must be done on a stable surface. It should turn off the gas, especially at night, to avoid explosions. In order not to open the doors during the shock it must provide the closets of child resistant closures. This measure is taken for the kitchen cupboards and the medicine cabinet; the latches are easy to install and maintain the contents of the furniture.

It should keep the heaviest items in furniture with the floor. You have to attach the shelves, the high cabinets and frames on the wall with bolts and velcro in the corners. We need to stabilize the TV unit with a durable stand at the bottom. We need to remove the beds from under the windows; They must stand against the inner wall of the chamber. We have to replace all the glasses of doors and windows with the models shatterproof to avoid that break during earthquake. Furthermore, we must inform the seismic risk of the area; if it is high, we can ask the Region to benefit from a share incentive to make structural changes to the house.