The daily life, more and more worn and the work becomes a genuine effort, which does nothing but become stressed repeatedly. To all this we must add the requirement of having to clean the glass with the help of products priced far too high and the quality is dubious. In fact, after only a few days, with a bit ‘of wind or a simple downpour of rain, our meticulous work already likely to be useless. Let me explain what needs to be done to clean the windows until they shine.

To be able to shine the glass, you can use eco-friendly solutions that can cope with the problem of the formation of halos due to their detergent classics. You have to remember that it is advisable to clean the glass when they are struck by direct sunlight to prevent the formation of halos. Before dealing with the cleanliness of the glass itself, you can create a solution consisting of 100 ml of vinegar and 500 ml of water. The first will help to disinfect the surfaces and remove all traces of dirt. The mix can be poured through a funnel, and the effect can be accentuated if you choose to use hot water. To promote the fragrance, you can also add a few drops of lavender essential oil .


Another remedy may consist of the following from the use of sheets of paper, which would avoid the use of cleaning sprays widely publicized, but not very functional. It is an operation that involves a fast rubbing adequate, with the aim to eliminate the signs to be removed with more difficulty. Now you can avail of a cloth -made microfiber that will replace the classic disposable wipes. You must moisten it with cold or lukewarm water and wring it well, without the need for any rinsing. The cloth can be reused after being washed with warm water and natural soap.

You can also create a cleaner from nothing, with the help of a little liquid soap, eco-friendly and non-polluting detergent for dishes. Or, alternatively, you can make use of citric acid, to dissolve in a liter of water and add to the new eco-friendly detergent for dishes. The last possibility to make the glass comes shining through the use of effective micro-organisms , which are formed by bacteria positive and beneficial organisms, as well as enzymes that provide a fast and effective cleaning. A DIY method to make your windows shining all the way!