This week, I answer to Diane: “I live in an apartment and I would like to apply wallpaper bamboo on half of my bedroom wall. I wonder if we can put it on any panel and then attach to the wall, to avoid damaging the wall. That way if I move, I’d only have to remove it. My owner does not want lines the walls. Thank you for your answer or another idea.

Hi Diane,

It’s really a good idea to use an MDF panel for the bamboo stick before attaching the top panel to the wall with two small screws to be sure it does not fall. In hardware, you can find these signs in sheet four feet by eight feet.

* Make the cut sheet on the spot at the right height or leave it as is for half of the wall is four feet high.

* It is important to apply a primer on both sides of the MDF to eliminate the fumes caused by glue or products used in manufacturing, and also to ensure better adhesion of the wallpaper panel.


* Once done, you can proceed to the wallpaper. You install it the same way that we proceed on a standard wall: in from the left you set the first sow and if you go over a little to the left and top of the panel, it will be easy using a utility knife to cut the excess later.

* I suggest you let it dry wallpaper before fixing the panel to the wall. Two or three small screws in the top panel will not make big damage to the wall and will be easy to repair when you go from there. For a beautiful finish, you can add a small bead on top, but by fixing on the panel itself and not in the wall.