Moving house is traumatic at the best of times, and once the move is complete, the next challenge is even more daunting, and that is relocating all one’s possessions in the new dwelling. Experienced movers are well aware of the time saving little tricks that make things much easier, so, if one has just moved, here are a few things on the must-do list.

Packing correctly

Boxing things up room by room is a wise move, and make sure the new room location is written clearly somewhere on the side, which helps when unloading. Ideally, each package should be left in the room where its contents will be put, and by writing a list of the contents on the side, one can avoid opening everything just to see what’s inside! If one is not keen on humping heavy boxes up and down stairs, enlisting the help of a handy man is an ideal solution, especially for the numerous little jobs that will need to be done.


Check all light fittings

It pays to buy a dozen lightbulbs, as they are something that one will eventually use, and more often than not, there are never any in the house when one needs them. The relocation will more than likely continue into the evening hours, so the lights all need to be functional.

Arrange a deep clean

The best time to spring clean a house is when it’s empty, and when moving into a new residence, it provides a clean foundation from which to begin a new chapter.

Change all the exterior locks

This is recommended, as one has no idea who has a set of keys to the new residence. Repair services, neighbours, and even the old occupants are all likely to have a key to the front or back door. This is definitely not a job for an amateur, and by hiring a handy man from Men Behaving Handy, the locks can be changed in no time, giving the new owner peace of mind.

Window screening

Without curtains or blinds, living in a new home is akin to having an audience, so organise new curtains at the earliest opportunity. If a person lives in Western Australia, there are handyman services in Perth that can tackle any job, so make a list before contacting them, and all those niggly little jobs can be completed.

Check the smoke detectors and alarms

The ideal time to do this is when moving in, and by replacing any batteries or defective units at once, ensures that the new property is well protected.

Obtain a first-aid kit

If ever a small accident is likely to occur, it will be when moving into a new home, so make sure a first aid kit is handy. The other essential box of tricks is a tool kit, ideal for changing plugs and fitting washing machine connections.

Once the furniture and personal possessions are safely installed in the right places, one can begin to arrange the new living space, as one would like it to be.