Installing shelf can sometimes be a real nightmare, as suggested by the following question: “Hello, my name is Daniela and I live in St. Bruno with my husband and young daughter. We’d like install shelves in a bedroom, but there is no piece of wood in the wall. On entering the room after the door is an empty space that would be used to create more storage. We would like to know how to install them to be securely attached to wall. In seeking a piece of wood inside the wall was a lot of holes and it gives the impression that a shooting took place in the room. Please help us to succeed our project without destroying the house. Thank you very much and good day. ”

Hello you three,

It is quite common this type of exercise to try to locate studs in a wall and make holes everywhere. You should know that in general the wood studs in walls are located at 16 inches on center from each other.


A good way to find an amount is to watch where electrical outlets are located in the walls since these jacks are mounted on the side of one of these studs. From there you can remove the wall plate to see which side is the amount of wood, place your measuring tape at the center of this amount of wood and measure 16 inches from there to find the center of other wood stud. Although in general it is at 16 inches, it happens in some homes that the studs are 24 inches on center. By doing so, it should limit the holes.

If, however, to where you want to install your shelves there is no amount of wood in the wall, you can use pegs sold in hardware stores that will allow you to set the shelves in the wall anyway. The weight of the tablet and what you put will influence the choice of anchors to use. Several bars are also sold with this type of ankle or with brackets for installation.