We remember when I bought my second home: I was discouraged at the sight of the wallpaper. In the bathroom, there were large geometric metal, in a room (the one that was intended for my son), forms large black and white covered the four walls and the kitchen was covered with paper with orange flowers on brown background! If someone had told me one day, my job as a decorator would lead me to develop decorating with wallpaper similar, I do not have believed it! What is “in” will become “out” and what is “out” eventually become “in”!

In fact, today, after being snubbed for a few years in favor of false finishes and murals, wallpaper makes a comeback. However, the creators have up their sleeves and recent collections show innovative, surprising and even impertinent. What they will offer the floral graphic pattern at very seventies , through natural textures. Today, wallpaper is a further key element in developing a trendy decor, and is used in many ways. Found on the market an extensive range of models of good wallpapers. Some are excess and choose very large patterns or use digital photos at high resolution and project them on their walls. Others prefer sobriety. There’s something for every taste and every price. The choice is yours!


Graphic patterns

This major trend graphic wallpaper 2010 is based on 70 years. Therefore rely on the print contrast and optical illusions to deceive our perception of space and perspective. This is perfect for setting a “burst” and modern! Beware though, you should avoid excessiveness and extreme reserve your wallpaper to a very explosive one or two walls up! For a more sober style, the creators offer us versions ‘soft’, where the grounds are in tonal shades that are perfect for classically inspired designs.

Luxuriant vegetation

Botanical-inspired “green”, there are huge reasons for bamboo stalks and large leaves. They come in all colors and designs suitable for connected with an exotic touch. For a neo-classical look, we love the big flowers that recall the ancient scenery of our great-grandmothers.And for a funkier look, the flowers are presented with a touch of insolence full of humor (flashback to the seventies).


Want to create an oriental atmosphere and glamor? A complete range of reasons adopting tones of fuchsia, saffron, orange, gold and red will blow in your living room!

The installation

Some are pre-pasted wallpaper, but this is not the case for most. You’ll need to get the right kind of glue following the manufacturer’s instructions. It is also necessary to take into account the pattern repeat, which makes it harder! Unless you’re a seasoned handyman, I recommend you to hire a professional to avoid waste, especially if your paper has been costly. Some painting contractors offer services wallpapering, but be sure to hire an experienced worker who can guarantee a job well done.

Remove the old wallpaper

Some wallpapers damaged must be removed before asking another. Start by wetting the wall with warm water in which you have added a little liquid fabric softener. If the printed surface peels off in small pieces, use sandpaper to scratch the surface. Then add more water. It will penetrate better take off the wallpaper easier.