Spain is world renowned for its culture, its beaches, and perhaps surprisingly, for its real estate. For the buyer who has a discerning eye and desires to live in Europe, Spain is a place that they should strongly consider. Promora Real Estate has an exquisite amount of listings for those who desire a home with only the utmost in eye appeal and decor. Obviously, there are more luxury real states to consider, but none with the attention to detail that Promora Real State has. Their holdings have the following characteristics:

1. Decor

The holdings of Promora have a reputation for a variety of eye-catching detail. The interiors are bathed in calm, appealing and comfortable colors and there is a warm and inviting presence with the arrangement. There is the right arrangement of art and the interior layout of the home is designed to make the most of the space provided.

2. Architecture

Promora has only the most well-designed luxury apartments, penthouses, flats, and dwellings that combine both eye-appeal for both the interior and the exterior as well.

3. Excellent location.

The buyer will find dwellings that have a variety of locations. Some of these include homes that are near golf courses, dwellings that are by lakes, and flats that have fantastic views of many important landmarks within Spain. Many Spanish penthouses have a location within the center of the capital and have incredibly exclusive and breathtaking views. Many of the real estate selections also offer a great amount of security such as a loft that has a full-time doorman and security personnel.

4. Great space matched with charming intimacy.

The luxury real estate from this firm puts a premium on locations with a great amount of space but with an intimate setting. The mark of a truly luxurious flat would be that there is a great degree of space, even in areas where an individual would not associate space. The bathrooms in a luxury penthouse or flat are very detail-oriented comforting, and spacious. The decor of a luxury apartment exudes intimacy with lighting placed in strategic locations.