The magnetic contacts are currently the most widely used , as the name suggests they are two small contacts that are applied around the opening of doors or windows (access points), one on the door and one on the frame, and send a signal to the control panel in the moment in which they are separated, or when it takes place the opening of the leaf or of the door.

There are of various sizes and types, from simple “on sight” to those smaller and thinner “recessed”, choosing the right contact must be made ​​according to the type of opening to be protected and its structure. As this type of sensor is extremely cheap, it is not to overlook the possible installation difficulties, mainly to allow the passage of cables, and any costs for ancillary items such as wireless transmitters in the case of wireless systems.

When it comes to protecting the windows is always advisable to adopt two sets of contacts , one on the window itself and on the doors or shutters, in this way it will be possible to activate the alarm system while keeping them open without lose the protection of your home and without having to change their habits (by closing all doors / shutters every time you leave the house).


Most of the magnetic contacts in trade is based on Reed technology , however, in the course of time there were some limitations due to the possibility of influencing the operation of contacts equipped with this technology, resulting sabotage thereof. Fortunately, first in America and later also in Europe, are commercially available in the new magnetic contacts equipped with a special technology anti-sabotage, able to ensure a safe level much greater .

However, as the magnetic contact may seem like a simple apparatus, there are on the market with as many different characteristics of different types , then the installer will be expert to advise the right contact to be taken based on the characteristics of the frame to be protected and the level of safety to be achieved.

The advantage of this type of solution is certainly given by the savings, unless indeed rare exceptions the cost of individual contacts is very low, the disadvantage is the fact that the measurement is made at forcing occurred, with consequent damage to the casing.