Above all, here are some practical information for home, inside his house, a beautiful brick wall. If the brick wall is damaged , you can just scrape it with a good brush metal and re-mortar. Bags of mortar are sold in bags of 30 kg with the mixture already prepared (including sand). Add water and do not hesitate to redo the wall (one level is not superfluous to have a straight wall). To clean brick (we always speak of bricks on a wall inside), n ‘ never use a product based on acid. The acid destroys the brick. Now, to have a beautiful brick, wash it. How? A) with a brush and soapy water. Rinse. B) with the PTS if the brick is very dirty. But in this case: it will take you to think about the wall flush with water.


This type of cleaning creates a stir! As for regular maintenance, you just need to vacuum. Once the dust removed, brick normally found its beauty. To transform the look of brick Brick is a material cold, your best interest to make it look warmer. Go by color, by painting. Paint the brick wall. The effect is more dramatic than its brown brick with gray mortar. Using paint, we’ll play with color, we will give life to the material. Preliminary Steps The first thing is to thoroughly ensure that the brick and mortar are in good condition (see details listed highest) . Brush the brick in order to remove dust and sand. Paint the brick and mortar with an exterior paint, acrylic (not latex). The use of this paint prevents condensation in the masonry.

The acrylic (which gives a more plastic) should not hold water vapor, and more resistant to alkali masonry. It is less toxic and is easier to clean. The acrylic exterior is the best choice. It takes about an hour to dry. Make sure you still good ventilation in the room does not dry too quickly the paint during application. finish? Ideally, use a matte or satin finish at least. It is ideal for a rustic or we play the raw materials. By cons, it could very well use a brighter finish on a more contemporary decor. It is important to remember that more paint is glossy, the more we see the defects. Conclusion Do not be afraid to color your bricks. All colors are possible. The result will be very warm. Mantel, wall complete, and you dare not regret the result! We take care to enlighten and the effect will be even more spectacular. team Decorate your life.