To break up the gray monotony of the big city are becoming more homes in addition to a love for growing plants. It is breaking with the artificial and creates a healthier environment for our living spaces, bringing the Cement muted colors for the green glow of nature.

But we cannot forget that our houseplants are living beings and therefore have a number of needs such as electricity, water, soil nutrients and we must meet certain temperature, then to teach you how to maintain and care for houseplants. If you would like to know brief information about lands cape you could choose columbus patio installers.



Light is essential for life on our planet and flora no exception item. Therefore, when we go to choose the place for our plant first we have to consider is that it is sufficiently enlightened. Ideally is sunlight, but it cannot be the artificial lighting will also serve.

Beware of the excess, if the light source is very strong and direct impact on the ground can cause burns affecting growth, at the same time show some yellow leaves and bad. In contrast, a plant that does not have enough light will wither and die.

We regularly move our houseplants to receive the sun evenly. In summer we will distance from the windows while in winter, when it’s just weaker, will approach. Generally they need about 15 hours of sunlight, so if we do not reach that amount will have to use some kind of artificial light.

Temperature and humidity

When a plant is lack of moisture continues to grow, its leaves turn yellow and fall off. Some species are adapted to high humidity and therefore must be vaporized regularly to compensate for the loss of water in drier environments. We can also keep the pots with damp soil to cool our plants or include a small dish of water under each pot. As for the temperature, generally a plant will need for its development an average that varies between 12 degrees in winter and 24 in summer, without abrupt changes that may alter their growth.

This will depend on where you are located. It is unwise to place it near a heat source, such as a fireplace or in direct contact with the sun and the weather, such as on a balcony. We also have to be careful with heating and air conditioning.

Irrigation and nutrients

The irrigation will depend on many factors, including the type of plant, its location and how high the temperature, since perspiration is more and more water is lost. In summer we have to take special care that our plant is well cool without getting to pool. When in doubt we played with the fingertips earth, if it is wet then you do not need watering.

As for soil nutrients, is the food of our plants as just running out of natural resources? Therefore, the use of any type of fertilizer is absolutely necessary to ensure good health. The three most important elements a plant needs are nitrogen (for growth), phosphorus (to facilitate new growth) and potassium (for added resistance).