Proper cleaning and maintenance of the mattresses at home is the best way to make them last longer. The mattresses, whether they are in latex, spring, wool or even in polyurethane foam, can be quite expensive and easily damaged if not treated appropriately. Through simple steps and best practices not only be able to save money for several years while maintaining the same mattress, but you can also, albeit indirectly, to take care of your back, sleep better and healthier way.


Although it may seem trivial, the first way to take care of the mattress is to use a simple protection, using the mattress between the mattress and the sheet with the corners of your bed. This simple warning will not only protect your mattress from possible stains that can be absorbed by the layer of the mattress, but will prevent the sweat you produce during the night wet, in the long run, the mattress, causing bad odors. Of course, the mattress should be changed with the sheets. Like all elements of the house, even the mattress may accumulate dust: it is a good idea to vacuum the mattresses, maybe before putting clean sheets, taking advantage of the use of the vacuum cleaner (with different accessories interchangeable ) in the bedroom. In a short time you will eliminate a good amount of mites, which cause many allergies.

Dust mites love and hate the clean, fresh air of the morning. Before making the bed, ventilate the mattress is another way to keep them away. Is it enough if only a quarter of an hour, the mites will fall and it will dry the moisture that has accumulated over the previous days. The specific products against mites mattress, spray, are used especially if you are allergic subjects. It can sometimes be enough instead a quarter of an hour of air and sun. Turn the mattress is a practice that is used when the latter has a summer side and a winter side. During the spring it is preferable to use the summer side, during the fall and winter. In any case, it is recommendable also to reverse the direction of the mattress (the head part and the foot area) every three months.