Roof leaks are among the most common problems to homeowner. Most property owners are not construction experts hence cannot fix the roof leaks on their own. As such, they rely on contractors or professional services for repairs which can be costly. Besides, the professional needs to carefully determine the source of the leakage to make permanent repairs. Otherwise, repairing roof leaks can be elusive.

This extra hassle can be avoided by a comprehensive maintenance of roof. Professional contractors will do a home inspection before starting the roof leak repair. Often times, the inspection will entail asking the homeowner questions about their property. Questions such as:

  • Has the recent weather has been extreme?
  • Have there been animals roaming in the homestead?
  • Has there been any cable work recently done in the homestead?
  • Are there leaves, debris or tree branches falling on the roof?

These and more questions will help determine the cause of the leakage.


If you follow these 5 easy tips, they could help you to locate future leaks and determine appropriate maintenance procedures.

  • Look at the Pops through the Roof

The most common sources of leaks on the roofs are penetrations which can stop the natural flow of water through the roof. Check out the following:

  • Check that if the chimney has cricket, properly corner flashed or step flashed? Does it required to seal? The top leak source is chimneys.
  • Whether water gets trapped behind the skylights. Check whether the flashing is well repaired or not. Also check the skylight for leakage.
  • Do the plumbing vents need to be sealed or painting?
  • Is the cable or satellite flashed properly?
  • Are there any critters chewed on the flashing or pipe?
  • Inspect the Drip Edge

It is very important to ensure water stays away from fascia and is flowing smoothly off your roof.

  • Leaves are a common source of leakage. Both leaves and wood rot on drip edge can cause leakage on the roof. This will result in rain entering the gap between the fascia board and roof deck.
  • Insects, snakes and critters often stay in the drip edge. Check the drip edge to rid it of for them when you looking for leaks.
  • Ensure frequent Gutter Guard cleaning

There are many homeowners who don’t know the importance of gutters. Gutters should be installed and sloped for proper water drainage. They should be cleaned often and fastened tightly. The gutters should be installed by professionals. Gutter cleaning is necessary for keeping the roof leak free. Consider hiring a professional plumber or contractor for proper gutter cleaning and installation to keep the roof leak free.

  • Inspect leakage susceptible areas

You can inspect these areas for damage:

  • Roof-to-wall transitions
  • Dormers
  • Places where low-quality mastic or sealant has been used in the past

These areas tend to be susceptible to leaks, so extra care is needed on them. This can be done by frequently inspecting these areas.

  • Check out your Attic

Several times, homeowners think main culprit is the roof, but problems can be created from plumbing, improper ventilation, air conditioning, vent fans, condensation, and bug, animal or infestation on the attic. So you can look out for:

  • algae stains on plywood
  • mold
  • soaked insulation especially if it has not rained at the time
  • Rust or black rings around nails: it is first sign that moisture getting condensed in the attic spaces
  • Check whether lack of ventilation is causing the attic moisture or overheat?
  • Check the entire ventilation system. Have it gotten clogged with spider webs, paint, insulation, or dust?

Proper maintenance can reduce your cost for replacing the roof. Furthermore, a well maintained property appreciates considerably in value.

Author’s Bio

Thomas Hargreaves is a constructor and blogger. In this article he has given a guide for maintaining your roof from leakage. From his personal experience, He found is good enough in gutter guard installation service in Sydney area.