A bed made of wooden pallets requires some previous study but the result will be economic, modern and environmentally friendly. It also helps to recycle.

Before building our bed of industrial wood pallets must be made an approach to its dimensions and the site it will occupy in the room, which, when completed, will provide modern, ecological twist.

Take accurate measurements for the bed pallet

If in the case of pallet table or the pallet-bed sofa was important to take measures so they are not disproportionate in size to the room, even more so in the case of the bed. The size of the bed depends on the number of pallets you need. Getting them is easy because it is an element that excess in the industry, you need to recycle . Containers, shops and stores will be good providers. You have to choose between:

Single bed: the usual width is 90×190 cms. Need two pallets of 1×1 m.
Double Bed: measures ranging from 135 to 150 cms. wide by 190 cm. long. 4 pallets that we need to adapt to the final measure.


Following these steps will prevent problems we have to adapt the bedding on the market, but across beds may vary by country.

A fungicide as a precaution for a bed pallet

The first step is to apply a fungicide as the pallets will form an element that goes to sleep. We will follow the manufacturer’s instructions (which can be bought in DIY centers) step of which is usually wrapped in plastic between 24 and 48 hours.

Sand edges and nails and review of the pallets

Now is the time to sand the pallets. Do not try to be perfectly smooth wood they are very rough and polish them completely is impossible. This is to remove edges and protruding wood, which will be unsightly and, moreover, could cause injury. We must review the nails, which are not usually very elaborate, and take a hammer blow to those who excel to avoid accidents or remove them and replace them with new ones if seen necessary.

Primed, painted or varnished to give completion to pallets

After sanding, applying a primer. If painting, use a white base, as thick as possible to cover the imperfections of the pallets. After the drying time is passed sandpaper, clean the dust and paint is applied. The appropriate colors are white or ivory, which are integrated into virtually any environment and with nearly all tapestries. If you choose the glaze, the base will be a filler, too thick. After one pass of sanding and a clear varnish (for the same reasons that white paint), it ends with a very soft sand. A coat of clear wax will leave our bed of industrial wooden pallets protected.

Assemble the bed frame of wooden pallets and put wheels

The next step is to attach the pallet to form the bed with metal parts bolted necessary to see below,After that, it is adding a wheel as large as possible without them spoil the budget. If litter is twofold, it put six but must take into account the option to support directly in the ground when it comes to a double bed, may have to use some wood blocks to raise the structure. A plank of wood cut a few inches from the edge of the structure of pallets on which rest the mattress prevent the deformation of the distribution of the slats and provide a more stable base of rest.

Options for the bed mattress pallet

You can choose from traditional mattresses or foam slab, under which it will use to give and the available budget. Another option is that of a Japanese futon, which give a very modern loft air into the room.

The bed of wooden pallets offers various options

Make pallet furniture to furnish our house also implies that open different options to customize the furniture itself, the elements that shape and decoration around them. Thus:

# You can do as a child’s bed as a transition between the cradle and the biggest bed.
# They are particularly suitable for youngsters.
# To raise it, you can use twice as wooden pallets, in two rows or extra legs
# The headboard is another exercise in imagination: pillows, a picture, a frieze on the wall, furniture crafted to serve as a side table and bookcase, two pallets tuned , an upholstered headboard, a mosquito net, an old door.

Following these steps will have a bed of wooden pallets original and practical, for little money and job satisfaction self-made. While working on it you’ll see plenty of scope to doing things that give you the pallet wood that will allow you free, or almost. The final touch will the rest of the decor of the bedroom.