Riding a basic structure of industrial wooden pallets and supplementing with a good mattress to get a cheap sofa bed, modern and recycling.

The wooden pallets have become a decoration. tuned become properly functional and decorative Modern Furniture, according to its termination, are integrated in almost all decorative styles: a bed, sofa bed, a table or a shelf or silversmith.

Sofa bed, easy to design, easy to do

To build a sofa bed the first step, and most importantly, take action to choose the pallets that are needed. Getting them is easy because it is an element that excess in the industry, you need to recycle. Containers, shops and stores will be good providers. For a sofa bed is required a minimum of two pieces.Once we have the elements, the first step is to sand the pallets (should also apply a disinfectant or fungicide). Do not try to be perfectly smooth wood they are very rough and polish them completely is impossible.


Sand edges and nails and review of the pallets for the sofa-bed

This is to remove edges and protruding Contemporary Furniture wood to be unsightly and, moreover, could cause injury. We must review the nails, which are not usually very elaborate, and take a hammer blow to those who excel to avoid accidents. Should also speed up with sandpaper or electric sander burrs that can be converted into chips as wood pallets is not brushed.

Primed, painted or varnished to give completion to pallets

After sanding, applying a primer. If painting, use a white base, as thick as possible to cover the imperfections of the pallets. After the drying time is passed sandpaper, clean the dust and paint is applied. The appropriate colors are white or ivory, which are integrated into virtually any environment and with nearly all tapestries.

Join the two pallets and put the wheels on the sofa-bed

The next step is to attach the pallets that make up the sofa bed with four metal screw underneath. It only remains to add some wheels as large as possible without them spoil the budget. To finish the couch need a foam mat to buy cut to size (there are different thicknesses) and protect it with a cover that can be one of the standard that already exist in the market (may have to adapt to the size of the mat with a seam). You can also opt for a futon Japanese style, but we must first ascertain the measures that are in the market to choose, in turn, as the Modern Sofa bed pallet.

Strengthening, if desired, with a plank between the pallet and mat

If the sofa is going to have much use, you can reinforce the base of the mat by placing a board between it and the pallet. Note that has to be cut (DIY centers will do for free) about 5-6 inches from the edge of the pallet, so you do not see. For the outer cover is chosen upholstery that matches the decor and fits with four set points, as the bottom sheet, so you can easily remove it when we decide to use the pallet as our sofa bed.