Construct a concrete pool is a chore that takes enough time ( approximately two months); it is indispensable to incorporate in the aim of the pool a hydrostatic valve. The concrete pools, concrete offers greater flexibility than the fiberglass pools and can be made ​​in any size or style. The ability to design individually a concrete pool does not imply preformed drawings, since they can be made ​​in different shapes including geometric-shaped, “L” and Olympic. In the steps that follow the guide to find the right information on how to build a swimming pool with reinforced concrete.

First things first identified and excavated area of the building site for installation; the hole must occur 30 cm deeper than the depth of the pond. For the installation of the hydraulic system used PVC pipes ; such a system must include a drain on the bottom of the pool, to ensure the flow of drinking water. The system of hydrostatic pressure, it must be examined and scrutinized by an expert in plumbing, in lodge to insure that there are no leakages. After the excavation is complete, assembled and placed the panels.


Install a network in the steel in the structure of the swimming pool, to provide a greater stability of the concrete when the pool is filled with water. Cover the sides and the bottom of the tank with steel bars (the armature acts as a frame for the concrete, while maintaining the shape and strength of the pool for a long time). Place the grid correctly; each area has building codes in relation to the way in which it is installed armor. Spray the mixture of cement and sand on the steel grid using a powerful spray, thus creating the basin of the pool (the sprayer can be purchased or rented from specialist retailers of building materials).

Apply a mixture of dry cement and executed casting. In order to facilitate the curing process, it is recommended to apply the concrete every day for five consecutive days. Choose a finish for the inner basin; the finish provides a smooth surface for the decoration and interior of the pool and can be constituted by tiles, marble or paint. Wait 2-3 days before filling the pool with water. Remember, too, that the emptying of a concrete pool is to be performed under the supervision of the manufacturer or a licensed counselor .