If you’ve ever bought a home – or even considered it! – you know that it’s one of the most life-changing and expensive decisions a person could ever possibly make. The cost doesn’t only lie in the initial price of the property, either – there is always more to do around the house. While purchasing insurance can help to protect the home in case of unexpected damage, there are other types of insurance that the homeowner must take on the responsibility for themselves, in order to make sure that their home doesn’t end up costing them more in repairs down the road. Maintaining the exterior of your property is a crucial aspect of caring for your home, and doing so will help to ensure that your backyard, front yard and driveway remain both visually appealing and physically functional for years to come – not to mention the fact that they won’t cost you an arm and a leg in repairs down the road. Neglecting the health of your decks and driveways can easily downgrade the appeal of your property, giving it a weathered and worn-out appearance. Making sure that you seal all your concrete and other outdoor surfaces is one of the best ways to ensure that this doesn’t happen. Here are just a few of the benefits to having your driveway and other structures properly sealed:


When the time comes to sell your home, the most important thing you can do is maintain the curb appeal of the house. If you have neglected to treat your driveway properly, it will become stained and weathered in a short time. Outdoor surfaces like a driveway endure a lot of abuse, and the chances are that over the years your driveway has most certainly taken a beating from the elements, as well as oil leakage and weight strain from vehicles that might have traveled along it. In many cases, the driveway is the first thing a potential buyer will see when they look at your home, and a weathered and stained driveway gives the appearance that you simply do not maintain your property, making it far less appealing. You can avoid this problem before it even starts by ensuring that your driveway is properly sealed from day one; a professional sealing job will help to ensure that your driveway stays strong for as long as possible, free of stains, cracks and other damage.

It’s not just the driveway, either – there are a number of other areas around the exterior of your home that need proper maintenance, which includes professional sealing. The stone pathways leading around your home to your deck can easily become stained and faded from harsh weather conditions, and if you’ve placed it in an optimal location (i.e. one that gets a lot of sun), there’s a good chance that your deck is especially vulnerable to fading and discoloration because of the tremendous amount of direct sunlight that beats down on it on a regular basis. Moisture can wreak havoc on decks by not only causing the wood to stain, but actually warping it. Over time the boards can easily begin to bow and make the deck look a mess, not to mention the fact that the more warped it is, the less usable it becomes. Professional sealing will help to keep moisture from getting into the wood, and make it much easier to maintain. While an unsealed deck will become a mess no matter what kinds of actions you take, a professionally sealed deck simply needs an occasional hosing-of. Starting to see the benefits?

While they may seem tougher on the outside, stone surfaces are no exception to the rule that every outdoor surface needs to be sealed. Getting stoned pavement installed around your house can be pricey in some cases, and for good reason – it looks extremely attractive, and can increase the appeal of your property exponentially if it’s been properly maintained. However, there is still the problem of treatment – untreated pavers will become moldy and can even cause injury to you, your family or your visitors because their surface becomes extremely slick when it is raining. The mold that grows along this kind of pavement will discolor the stones and give the impression that your home is dirty or not well-kept; not only is this not what you want your friends and neighbors to think – it could actually ruin your chances of selling your home if the time ever comes to do so. Remember: first impressions are everything. Professional interlock driveway sealing from a company like Seal Tech can protect driveways and help to keep them looking like they were new. In addition to making these surfaces much more easier to clean, they will maintain their original appearance for much longer that had you let them simply age unprotected.