Often, modern apartments are characterized by particularly low ceilings , which can be created in the inhabitants of the house a nagging sense of claustrophobia. Fortunately, however, some are enough little tricks and the right furniture to make it visually a higher ceiling of reality, creating a feeling of space and light.

The first solution to make the higher ceiling is to paint it with white paint rigorously. White, in fact, reflect the light, creating a feeling of space and breadth and decisively to help you make the ceiling appear higher. According to widespread opinion, the best choice is to use a glossy paint, the reflection of light, amplifies the impression of height. If you prefer to avoid this color for reasons of taste, it is advisable to choose only light colors, pastel colors and moving towards making especially sure that the walls are more dark ceiling. To further amplify the sensation of verticality, the walls can be painted using two different shades, darker towards the bottom and the lighter upwards, perhaps using the technique of sponging.


Another expedient to increase the height of ceilings is to use vertical pattern, for example through the use of wallpaper on the side walls with lines or other patterns oriented in the vertical direction. The light sources should preferably be applied only on the ceiling, avoiding the chandeliers or any other projecting element, such as ceiling fans and moldings. Regarding the lighting, the choice should fall, then recessed lights. The lights should also be placed in a homogeneous and uniform, because of the irregular distribution of the light tends to make the ceiling more oppressive.

Even the furniture helps to increase or decrease the sense of height. The curtains should be chosen to ceiling and have to start from the ceiling and reach down to the ground, so as to deceive the eye and enhance the sense of vertical. Even in the choice of paintings, which must be strictly placed very high, go inside the vertical lines at the expense of horizontal lines. Finally, the wise use of large mirrors, clearly contributes to amplify the perception of the extent and height of the rooms.