There are various ways to give a room a sense of height greater than the actual one. The strategies that you can implement play on the photoelectric effect that cause the eyes of those who are watching and are recommended for rooms such as cellars or attics , where often the ceiling is low. This guide will describe step by step the rules to follow to make it look like a higher ceiling .

ceiling ideas

The first rule to follow concerning the painting . Paint the ceiling in white which gives a sense of openness and spaciousness. Alternatively, if the white color is not suitable, use cool colors. The important thing is to paint the walls a color darker than the ceiling . If the walls add the strips or patterns of vertical painting, these will give even more a sense of height to the room . Also a glossy painting reflects more light giving a sense of magnitude greater .

After the painting you have to take care to use the most appropriate lights and place in the most correct of the room. A bright room immediately appears larger and airy. Not applied absolutely chandeliers from the ceiling . In fact any object hanging from a low ceiling , in addition to being dangerous, makes it seem lower. Not even the spotlights to the ceiling are good, as they give a bad light distribution and immediately catch the eye towards spaces visually high. I highly recommend you then to mount wall lamps or floor lamps. Arrange intelligently near the corners of the room. In this way the environment will seem higher.

The last precautions to be followed regarding the furniture and ornaments. Another trick to fool the eye is to hang pictures in a very high, close to the ceiling. For a game of perspectives will give a sense of height to the room really remarkable. Also positioned a large mirror that covers the side wall in its entire height. If there are windows in the room remember to put the tents they reach the floor so as to give a visual image slender. Last tip: also furnish the room with furniture , sofas, chairs and small tables helps to give the idea that the ceiling is high for a matter of calculating the visual proportions.