One of the most utilized rooms in the home is definitely the living room, which bears a certain versatility, because they used to eat, watch TV or sit at the computer, sit along the couch relaxing or perhaps take a full script. It is a good substitute room, bedroom and the dining room, but because of its practicality may be the less elegant room of the house. It is important, however, keep in order, precisely because it is the reception room after room, for the guests. This guide will show you how making stylish living room.

It is important that this room is the largest in the house, so if you have not entered the furniture, you’ll need to select it based on this main criterion . It will be the room in which all members of the family will spend more time and at the same time, so if tight can create discomfort. Choose a room that is very bright with many windows or balconies to avoid the energy consumption . Paint the walls in light colors and elegant, maybe lilac, pale green, or better still white. Avoid yellow and orange, much more suited for the kitchen.


Correlated according to a criterion sleeve. Are recommended light furniture and white sofas. Take good measurements before purchasing, and avoid those mammoth: the place will be more spacious, more will be comfortable and versatile. Buy one or two sofas and a couple of armchairs: If you chose white, lined with a few things in cream or cream to make it less flat. Please add a big colorful rug that break, maybe purple or pink, do not add small mats to make less confusion.

Add a detail that will make you notice, a toilet, a desk or a bedside table with a lamp on top. Place of vases decorated with flowers and ornately, possibly fake, so as to increase oxygen into the late hours of the evening. This detail is very important, because it allows you to play with colors and give space to the imagination. Do not over do filling it too much, just two vessels. A beautiful table and will be appreciated, preferably made ​​of transparent glass, without a center table with tablecloth and elegant, perhaps to yellow.

Then insert electronic items such as television and radio with speakers: during the holidays so you can invite your friends welcoming them in a comfortable, elegant and also pleasure: you can just move a few armchair, if the number of friends is high, in order to find adequate space. Another object to be inserted is certainly very cozy fireplace. If you cannot install one, it is recommended to buy a fake, a beautiful impression will be assured.