People are buying more cars. When once it was rare for an entire family of four to have one car, it is now common for one family to have two or three cars. This is fine, in terms of ease of life; however it isn’t good news for road space and parking. How many times have you had to squeeze between parked cars down a narrow road? Britain was not designed for this many cars, as you will know if you have ever tried to drive around Cornwall. The place is too small and the cars are too big and too numerous. This is why driveways are so important. They add value to your home and provide a nice place for your car or cars.

Let’s Talk Money

That bit about value made your ears perk up a little didn’t it? Adding a driveway will increase the value on a house most of the time. If you already have a large driveway and are thinking about paving over that lovely bit of front garden with the pretty petunias, I would say stop. Don’t do it. It won’t help the cost of your house that much, however if you haven’t got a drive way and live in a built up area, then demolish that weedy petunia flower bed and pave over it with a driveway from a company like If there is only on street parking on your road and you somehow find space for a driveway or garage, then you will be in the money when it comes to selling your house, plus you will make all of the other residents of the street extremely jealous. Just make sure they don’t park in front and block you in.

Protect Your Driveway

Your brand new driveway is probably not going to come cheap. If it does, chances are it isn’t a very good one. Whatever the quality, you are going to have to do your bit to make sure your driveway stays in prime condition. Sealing it is a great idea as it will preserve your driveway and protect it from the freezing months of winter which is when the most damage will occur. Before you seal it make sure there are no cracks and damaged areas. If there are fill them in and repair them before applying the top sealant. In this article there is help on how to properly seal your driveway.

Protect the Investment

Fitting a swish new driveway is an investment. It might cost a bit now, but in the long run you will be adding extra money onto the value of your home and making your own life easier. With a new driveway you will have to make sure it stays looking good as major damages will start to reduce how much your house is worth, plus it will look nasty, and no one wants that, not you and definitely not potential buyers. Protect your driveway; otherwise you will have to look at the sad puppy dog eyes of the estate agent as he begs you to get it fixed. Poor estate agent …