The wood floors are ideal for creating paths or terraces in gardens, driveways, but also on the beaches. Before you try to achieve real need to think about what you want to achieve and then design your own flooring. Therefore, we must decide which materials you want to use and have clear his goal. If you want to pave an open area to create a space to eat lunch and then we must take into account that the space from floor to contain the table, chairs and space to contour to move smoothly. If you want to achieve paths for walking, then you first need to define the path, highlighting the start point, end points, and drawing straight lines or curves that you want to perform. Having decided on the size, the space to be covered and the place, you can think about what kind of wood to choose from, the veins and its features. Only then you can move on to the installation. In this guide, we will see a simple and fast method to perform wood flooring.


After tracing the perimeter of your floor, dug to a depth of about twenty-five centimeters and then spread a layer of gravel about ten or fifteen centimeters compacting it well. Spread a layer of sand up five or eight centimeters, Rolland well flat.

Now proceed by laying on the ground supporting battens of wood you choose, according to your project, so if they are exposed to rain should be waterproof, if you have to endure heavy loads must possess high resistance to stress. Attach strips perpendicular to the strips of wood cut to size, with galvanized screws. Remember to space the slats between them for at least half an inch so that the water can drain.

Allow for a strip of support every seventy or eighty centimeters, to avoid that the spelled maraschino too at the center. Your imagination will be inspired by this example to other solutions and combinations, making use of processes rather than simple “do it yourself” by combining different materials. The construction of pavements wood is simple, although laborious, therefore it is advisable to seek help to get an excellent result but also to avoid excessive fatigue.