If you to your delight with DIY and DIY will find this job very basic but the result will reveal very useful, especially if you have family in the elderly and children. The size that I propose are those of my shower, so, make sure they are suitable for you. Now we can see how making a wooden platform for the shower.

Begin realizing the frame of the platform assembling, thus, the lateral edges 2 from 74 cm to the front edges and rear 90 cm. I remember pre-drill all screws and glue all joints for safety. Here are the measures to which we refer: Size of the rectangular platform: 90x74x19cm. Dimensions of each plank: thickness 2.5 cm width 14 cm. Length 90 cm.
slats needed: 5 to 90×14 cm. Shelf; 2 to 90 cm. Front and rear edges; 4 to 74 cm. Side edges and supports.
If you would like your platform flat, without rising, not covered by the two staves “Media”.


To make them resistant to water and chemicals contained in soaps, thus having a longer life, the planks of the platform for a shower should be made ​​of plywood or wood “marine” or made ​​with precious woods like Iroko, Okuma, mahogany, larch. LA they wear will be much slower than any other type of timber. I’ve made ​​in walnut stained with mold.

Made the base we can apply the slats on the shelf top with screws and glue, starting from the long side (applying for the length, the front edge 90 cm at first, and then the rear edge and finally the central 3). Be sure to precisely align all the corners of the frame with slatted shelf avoiding any overlap. We proceed, then, with the flank opposite and finally to the central ones, leaving a space of 1 cm between each.

Inverted, the platform, perfectly align the two staved from 74 cm to the side edges and assemble with screws and glue. We repair any irregularities with putty filler for wood (easily found at a hardware store) and let it dry thoroughly before doing any other operation. So Cartesian, always in the direction of the wood grain and remove any residue with a dry and soft cloth.